Our Impact

Since 2011, Go Eat Give has established itself as an organization that makes travel educational, fun and sustainable. We believe that through travel, we can exchange ideas, learn about different cultures, and overcome personal, political and religious differences. Using travel as a force for good, we have created  experiences that last in lifetime memories and friendships.

Our travelers have the option to bring in-kind donations and volunteer their time while on the ground. Regardless, a percentage of each trip is invested directly in a local cause. We typically work with grassroots charities that don’t have fancy websites, logos or budgets. Which means that we can skip bureaucracy, interact directly with the recipients, and have a bigger impact. 

Our Mission

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The causes we support are largely driven by the needs of the local community. We closely work with existing organizations to enhance their programs and fill in necessary gaps. We find this model empowers the community to manage their projects long term.

Go Eat Give has worked with women’s shelters, educational institutions, elderly care facilities, cooperative farms, health clinics, and with kids suffering from cancer. We have facilitated volunteer vacations in India, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Nepal and more.

If you are drawn to a certain cause, Go Eat Give can be your liaison and build a volunteer day in your next trip.

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Close to home, Go Eat Give has partnered with over 200 cultural institutes, consulates and tourism departments to host destination centric programming to help facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and understanding through food.

Our destination dinners, cooking classes, lunch and learn series, and hosted talks by Sucheta Rawal, have enabled American citizens to interact with diverse communities and learn about current topics.

We also organize private events for corporate executives from corporations such as The Coca Cola Company and Southern Company for guided culinary team building experiences.


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