Announcing – My First Book on Kids Travel

BIG NEWS!!! My first children’s book, Beato Goes To Greenland will be available in bookstores and online next week! Pre order your copy through Mascot Books by clicking here.

Beato Goes to Greenland cover

It has been a long process. I have started to write books, finished the chapter outlines, pitched to editors, and ditches the whole idea – about a half dozen times. I always knew I wanted to write a book, or two, and several of my well wishers (including readers, editors & publishers) have encouraged me to do so. However, I never quite believed in myself. Who would want to read this and why?

And I never found enough time to write, or perhaps made it a priority.

I have sort of dedicated my life to food, travel and community service, since I left corporate America to pursue my passion. I founded Go Eat Give in 2010 as a blog, and later into a nonprofit organization, with a mission to raise awareness of the diverse and beautiful world we live in. Finally, I discovered an audience, that is perhaps the most impressionable. Beato Goes To is a series of children’s illustrative books that takes young readers on a thrilling adventure across different countries. They learn about nature, culture, food, costume and much more.

I have no prior experience writing children’s books, but felt compelled enough to take this project on. After months of browsing through the little sections of Barnes and Nobles, and reading all the stories about bunnies, princesses, bees, elves, and what not, I realized that there were hardly any books that taught kids about travel or culture.

The main character of the book is my larger than life cat/ baby, Beato. He has been a great inspiration to me, while he lounges on my feet, at my desk, in the couch, and watches me write day after day, occasionally rising from his naps to give me a head nudge. Anyone who has met Beato can’t stop admiring his large size (he is a 20 pounder), handsome looks (yes he has his own Pinterest page), and friendly personality (aka life of the party). It just made sense that Beato took on my persona and started traveling the world!

Beato the cat

What I hope to accomplish from the series is not only to provide entertaining and educational material to kids, but inspire them to learn about each other and discover the world. We live in a interconnected community, where we have no other option but to expand our horizons. To do this at a young age will only give someone a head start.

So if you are reading this and know of any parent with young kids, send them a link to Perhaps you can recommend my book to your teacher friend or neighborhood preschool. Beato Goes To also makes a great gift for any young reader in your friends and family circle. Pre order your copy today!


Customized Lightweight Luggage That You Can’t Lose

When shopping for new luggage, what are some things that you look for? For me, it is looks, durability and price. With thousands of black, blue and red check-in bags circling around the conveyor belt, it can get difficult to identify your bag. Have you ever picked up someone else’s suitcase because it was the same, make, model and color as yours? Have your personalized luggage tags and luggage labels fallen off? Well, you can now get some relief with custom bags from UGO Bags.

I ordered a medium hardshell suitcase with Go Eat Give logo design and immediately placed another order for a large one! Here are some things I loved about UGO Bags…

uno bags goeatgive

SUPER LIGHT – Don’t you hate it when the bag weighs half the luggage allowance, leaving little room for your much needed clothes and shoes? The UGO Bag has shell casing that is super lightweight and robust polycarbonate. I can lift the large bag with one hand and no effort.

CUSTOM EXTERIOR – You can select an existing design on UGO Bag website or completely customize your own. Collections include colorful images of pets, cities, sports, contemporary art, and more. Chose the case color (white, black or silver), upload a photo or logo, change the colors (10 options) of the handles and the wheels, and click “add to cart.” It takes less than 5 minutes and now you will be able to spot your bag at the airport! The image is actually engraved on the bag, so it doesn’t risk peeling off like some of the adhesive ones.

uno bags customize

SMART INTERIOR – One of the things I look for in a good piece of luggage is how much storage capacity it has. UGO Bag’s smart interior design with multiple pockets divides both halves of the bag and secures belongings when opening. You don’t need to carry packing cubes as everything is already built in.

IN BUILT LOCKS – You buy a $200 bag, then a $10-20 lock. Often times, you lose the locks in hotel rooms or at home, then you go buy some more. Not anymore! The UGO Bag has a built in TSA locking system, so you can ensure your luggage is secure at all times.

GOOD WARRANTY – My UGO Bag is made with high quality materials and looks very cool. It says “Made in US.” UGO Bags warranty promises to repair or replace any malfunctioning or defective luggage in the first 5 years.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The bags also feature ultra smooth four-wheel spinner, top and lateral handles for easy loading and unloading, and side bumpers allowing horizontal storage of luggage. The multi-lock retractable trolley handle allows for smooth maneuverability.


MOBILE ART – If you are an artist or photographer and want to feature your work on a bag, apply here.

UGO Bags come in 3 sizes – Small carry-on $199, Medium for 1-3 night getaway $249, and Large $299 for week long trips. If you would like to order one for yourself or as a gift, use discount code  “UGOEATGIVE25” to receive 25% off!

Pure Water Anywhere In The World

Are you horrified by how much bottled water costs at airports and hotels? Sometimes, you arrive at your destination late at night, and have to searching for a store that is open late so you can buy a bottle of water? Or you love to go camping and hiking and find yourself hauling loads of water to last you through the adventure?
GRAYL’s newest product, the Ultralight Water Purifier can help solve all these problems! The portable water bottle can purify any water in matter of seconds, without any special equipment.GRAYL
The bottle is no bigger than any other stainless or plastic ones you would carry to the gym or the office. Mechanics are simple. Just fill in any water – from the river, sink or cooler, and press down in a slow motion (similar to a coffee press) to remove impurities. Your water is ready to be consumed with 15 seconds!
GRAYL’s says their unique features make them stand out from the competition.
  • Full-Spectrum purification – Removes 99.99% of Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa, Sediment, Chemicals, and Heavy metals.
  • [ONE PRESS] mechanism – no batteries, bulbs, chemicals, pumping, sucking or squeezing.
  • Fast & Easy – compact device for purified water in just 15 seconds. Weighs 11 ounce.
travel water filter
GRAYL is the perfect accessory to keep travelers safe and hydrated without all the plastic bottle waste. We at Go Eat Give believe in sustaining the environment, especially when you travel, and a $60 investment can help make a big difference.
Take 20% off any GRAYL products by using code “GOEATGIVE20.” Support GRAYL on Kickstarter until March 5, 2016.

Unwind with Pumeli sustainable rituals from around the world

You may not be able to afford a trip abroad every month of the year. But what if the world was delivered to your door? Pumeli is a monthly subscription box filled with teas and
textures designed to help busy women slow down, unplug and give themselves
permission to relax.

Each month, Pumeli delivers a care package of time-slowing rituals that enable women to experience more calm, peace and joy in as little as 5-10 minutes. Every shipment includes artisanal tea to soothe your soul, beautiful paper for your thoughts, and handcrafted goods that evoke mindfulness while empowering artisans around the world.

Pumeli Founder, Traci Pichette
Pumeli Founder, Traci Pichette

Pumeli works with small businesses and craft producers on different levels to bring well-designed and high quality products. They purchase products at a fair market price in order to deliver the highest value to the artisan and support global community initiatives. Each product comes with a story too. A monthly subscription runs at $49.95 or $249.95 for 6 months (with 1 month free). It is a great gift to send to a special lady in your life and remind her each month that you care – moms, sisters, girlfriends, or even your office secretary. See current package with stories behind the box and the products at Pumeli’s website.

The theme for November is “Be Like a Tree.” A tree is a great natural teacher of mindful living. Trees inspire us to stay grounded, adapt gracefully to the present moment, and continuously renew ourselves, and take time to rest. This month’s Pumeli box takes you on a journey through Africa to celebrate the life of trees with the following items.

Pumeli November BoxAduna Baobab Powder – Revitalizing facemark with baobab fruit sustainability harvested in Senegal and Ghana in partnership with several women’s co-ops. The African baobab tree, known as ‘The Tree of Life’, provides 100% organic fruit that dries naturally on its branches. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants so you can feel good inside and out.

Mud Cloth Notebook – Hand woven in Mali, the mud cloth is treated in baths of leaves and branches, and hand dyed using mud mixture. Traditionally used to share village stories and African proverbs.

Tea Accessories – Hand carved Kenyan teaspoon from olive wood, adorned with colorful beads. JusTea has a direct-trade relationship with Central province village carvers in Kenya.

Jacaranda Wood Ornament – Hand painted giraffe by artisans in Kenya, this exquisite ornament reminds you to be gentle on yourself, just as the giraffe gently chews on the topmost under leaves of trees. Acacia Creations donates 10% of each purchase to animal conservation.

JusTea African Chai – Inside an East African fabric bag, is a 100% natural Masala Chai tea blend with Camellia saneness, cinnamon, allspice, rose petals and more. Each sip directly supports small-scale tea farming families.

Learn more about the artisans at Pumeli.

Ethical and Delicious Wildlife Friendly Chocolates

As you begin to stock your pantries with chocolates and candies, pay attention to the list of ingredients listed on the package. Depending on the brand and quality of a chocolate, it may be a product that is harmful to your body, as well as the environment.
However, there is a chocolate brand that we like, as it surpasses all expectations of quality ingredients, refined taste, and global standards. Nuubia is a new ethical chocolate shop based in San Francisco that goes far beyond Fair Trade.
san francisco chocolates
Nuubia hand-makes specialty confections from humanely sourced ingredients, without using either palm oil or GMOs. Founder Alexandra Saunders was born in Java, Indonesia and has dedicated to life to conservation (cultivating palms for their oil is highly destructive of the environment so Nuubia has found a way to make ganache without the use of palm oil). Just few weeks ago, Alexandra Saunders was an Honoree at Pongo Environmental Awards. 
Nuubia is the first chocolatier to not only refuse to use palm oil, but to insure that what they make has no negative impact on the rainforests of the world. The company is also working to launch the Chocolate Wildlife Project which provides farmers with a viable source of income. For example, Nuubia purchases their chocolate and ingredients directly from farmers who learn to produce sustainable, habitat-friendly crops.
nuubia chocolates

With Indonesia being the world’s 3rd largest exporter of palm oil, the production of palm oil has devastated the natural habitats of the animals and orangutans that inhabit the area. Founder, Alexandra Saunders took a personal interest in orangutan conservation when she lived in Indonesia and studied them in graduate school at UC Berkeley. It was through this passion that Nuubia created the Chocolate Wildlife Project, which provides small farmers living on the edges of Orangutan habitat with a viable source of income to abstain from destructive farming practices.

Some standout chocolates include fresh squeezed lime juice with vanilla bonbons, Caramelized Hazelnut Spread Sauce, that can rival just about any Nutella out there, and finally Johnny Walker Black Espresso Ganache Half Spheres! So when a box of chocolates is under the tree, you know that no orangutans were harmed to make your chocolate and that your treat can be enjoyed guilt free.
Not to mention the OMG Candy Bar was awarded “Best Foods in the U.S.” by Esquire Magazine. Layers of hazelnut praline, sea salt caramel, rice crisps and dark chocolate come together in harmony to create the perfect mood-altering balance. The chocolatier at Nuubia is Lionel Clement in 2011 he was named Chocolatier of the Year by Pastry Live.
Best Foods in the U.S
Nuubia also offers a heart shaped chocolate special (for pick up only), filled with more chocolate bonbons. This is the ultimate sweetheart gift for any special occasion.
nuubia choclate heart valentines day

In February 2015, Nuubia San Francisco opened its first flagship retail space in the newly built “Market on Market” inside the Twitter building, bringing fine chocolates, confections, natural spreads, macarons, hand crafted ice creams and seasonal specials to the city. Either take a selection of these handmade items home, or stay and enjoy a chocolaty treat with freshly brewed latte in-store while sitting at Nuubia’s Chocolate Counter. The chocolates can be purchased at their San Francisco location, or ordered online. They are very well packed with an ice pack and delivered within a couple of days directly from the store.

Nuubia San Francisco
1355 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 660-2030

Portable Locker for Yogis

Allow us to introduce you to the KarmaRu ($89) from GoRoll™, the first
portable, lockable and waterproof foam roller that ensures a secure place
for valuables. A standout feature is GoRoll’s lockable lid fastens to the
bottom of the foam roller, allowing for the storage of larger items,
including a yoga mat!

The KarmaRu features a hollow center that is both waterproof and lockable,
and a removable carry strap that can be worn over the shoulder or as a
backpack and detaches to double as a six-foot long stretch strap.

versa-featuresIf you are thinking of going on our Yoga Retreat in Bali this Fall, or any other yoga getaways, the GoRoll can come in handy.

Get 50% off on the GoRoll with discount code “IDEA” until September 30.

All you need to know about the Sony Smart Watch 3

While companies are producing their versions of the “gotta have it” smart watch, it may be a little overwhelming to decide what actually makes one different from the next. They all possess the ability to receive email and text notifications, respond by voice, play music and adhere to any apps you download to your phone.


Offline GPS 

So what sets Sony Smart Watch 3 a part from the crowd? It’s the only watch with a stand-alone GPS feature making it a sure shot for runners, athletic persons and could even be a boost of motivation for the “I’ll start on Monday” workout crews. Now, you won’t have to wear a Sphygmomanometer-like band around your bicep (you know, the device used to measure your blood pressure during your annual check-up) to carry around your phone. You’ll be able to trace your route and distance and it will sync once you are in range with your phone. The 4 gigabytes of internal storage will also allow you to enjoy all of your “summer bod” music playlists. Unfortunately, The Sony Smart Watch 3 doesn’t track your heart rate, which may be a deal breaker for some.

Download apps such as My Tracks, iFit, RunKeeper and Ghostracer to activate the offline GPS feature.


It is physically obvious the Sony Smart Watch 3 caters to the more athletic consumer. In comparison to other playmakers in the sea of smart watches, this model is a bit more bulky, which could be the result of a larger battery. The Sony Smart Watch 3 battery life is pretty impressive having lasted me a full day, even day and a half on some occasions. It uses the standard micro USB to charge the battery, although the location of the input is on the back face of the watch making it slightly awkward.

The feature that still gives me giddies is its resistance to water and dust. Sometimes I pour water on the watch just because I can. The band is made of rubber, therefore quite comfortable. It is easy to adjust the strap according to the size of your wrist.

If fashion makes or breaks your decision when purchasing a smart watch, the design of this model may not suit your needs, but keep in mind that Sony has just released a stainless steel version that is more sleek and stylish.


To maneuver through the available features of the watch is fairly easy. The recent system update allows you to view all of your available tabs. After “double tapping” the tab you selected, scroll down to view the entire page and swipe left to see additional settings related to the selected tab. Swiping “right” is essentially a back button when you are ready to go back to the main features.

Additionally, in the “settings” tab, you can adjust the face, font size and unique functionalities according to your preference.

The Sony Smart Watch 3 mirrors the applications featured on your phone. It displays a preview of any update or notification your phone would typically receive and allows you to view it. For example, when I receive an email, I have the option to read it and reply or dismiss it from the notification screen. If I receive a Whatsapp notification, I can view it, but prompted to open the app on my phone to send a reply.

Receiving or making calls requires a Bluetooth device, either an earpiece or your phone. The Sony Smart Watch 3 does allow you to reject or send text message replies without a Bluetooth device.

Additional Features 

“Ok Google” is a feature that uses voice recognition to give commands. You can ask for the location to the nearest grocery store, set timers or reminders and verbally send a text to let your friends know you’ll be staying home tonight without pausing your favorite show on Netflix. It is one of its most compelling features simply because it allows your watch to revolve around the use of Google now which is very convenient.

If having a heart rate monitor is crucially essential, or the physical design of the watch has to aesthetically match your outfit for the day, or you absolutely can’t fathom the idea of using a Bluetooth device to make a phone call, the Sony Smart Watch 3 may not be for you. But to those looking for a smart watch that owns simplicity and functionality, supports your desire to become physically fit, without feeling the need to take a selfie, and let’s you decide which notifications are worthy of you digging all the way in your purse or back pocket to pull out your phone, then the Sony Smart Watch 3 is a great investment.

Note the Sony Smart Watch 3 is only compatible with Android wear.  iPhone and Windows Phone users will have to sit this one out. 

Sleep Better with the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

When I was a teenager, my doctor told me I may have a sleep disorder. As an adult, my primary care physicians confirmed it. I have always had trouble falling asleep and wake up in the middle of the night to anything louder than a pin drop. My restless thoughts have kept me up for days at times. I have tried all kinds of remedies but no fix – hot baths, warm milk, listening to music, reading, aromatherapy, vitamin supplements and even medication.

So when I heard about the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet, I was intrigued. Philip Stein uses their patented Natural Frequency Technology in bracelets and watches that are suppose to channel the earth’s natural energy toward your body to combat a particular issue, such as stress, focus or sleep. People who wear them have reported less tension, improved concentration and enhanced well being.

philip stein sleep bracelet

I have owned a Philip Stein Teslar watch (thanks to Oprah including it in her Favorite Things list three times) and after months of use, did not experience any noticeable sense of increased well being, so I was skeptical of the bracelet’s claims. Turns out they no longer use the Teslar technology. Without doing much investigation that would bias my opinion, I decided to give the sleep bracelet a shot.

It didn’t look like there was much to the bracelet –  camel colored hypoallergenic strap with a stainless steel rim around a glass window that showcases Philip Stein’s unique Natural Frequency Technology disc. I wore the Slim version of the bracelet, which still fits oddly given my very narrow wrists. The edge of the strap sticks out of the loops and dangles while I’m in bed. Philip Stein recommends putting on the sleep bracelet 15 -30 minutes before going to sleep. They also recommend 30 nights consecutive use to feel the full benefits of the sleep bracelet.


I have only tried the bracelet for two weeks now, but can already see some benefits. It takes me slightly less time to fall asleep, and once I do, I have a deeper sleep, pleasant dreams and wake up restful.

After more research, I found reviews by other bloggers who experienced mixed results. However, a clinical trial placebo study conducted by Philip Stein reported that 96% of the subjects who did wear the bracelet responded to at least one variable. During the NFT/Sleep NFT condition the results of those responders indicate: 64% report feeling more refreshed, 61% report that dreaming was more pleasant, 43% report falling asleep faster, 43% reported sleeping more total minutes, while only 18% reported fewer minutes awake. Read more details of the study.

Philip Stein Stainless Steel Slim Sleep Bracelet has become my essential nighttime accessory. I tried a couple of days without it, and did not sleep as well as I did with the bracelet on. If you are still skeptical, try it on for 30 days and decide for yourself. Perhaps you will find an easy way to sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning.

It is said that Philip Stein’s collection of watches and bracelets also works for people who have fear of flying, or just have generally high levels of anxiety.

Connecting Feet Through Art

If you like products that have a story behind them, you need to get a pair of canvas shoes from BucketFeet. The company has found a new innovative way to connects artists with consumers. They take a pair of ordinary canvas and create pieces of original art. Each graphic imprinted on the canvas is created by a different artist from around the world. Think khakis and stripes from Guatemala, elephants from Turkey, peachy melons from Atlanta, medicine hearts from LA – whatever country or artist you fancy!


BucketFeet’s two American cofounders met six years ago while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Raaja Nemani had quit his finance job in 2008 to backpack around the world, and he was tutoring children in Argentina. There he met Aaron Firestein, who had started his own company in college by decorating canvas shoes and selling them to his dormmates. He had gotten so successful that by the time he moved to Argentina, he was shipping his decorated duds around the world.

itzenkhaki_w_3With $7.5 million in investments from venture capitalists, this February, BucketFeet leaped to the next level. In addition to its existing storefronts in New York City and Chicago, the company says there will be at least six retail studios in 2015, including three international locations in Asia. The e-commerce site still remains the biggest source of their revenues.

When you purchase a pair of BucketFeet, it comes with information about the artist who created its design. Its gives artists from around the world an opportunity to showcase their work in a product form. The reach is global and you can even follow the artist on the blog. Additionally, the company gives $1 royalty a pair to the artist and  donates a percentage of sales to community programs. “Art is one of those platforms that everyone can understand; it’s a universal language, and it can bring people together,” Nemani speaks the language of Go Eat Give.

I got a pair of the lace up Encres, a red and violet modern art pattern designed by Paris based, Bernice Golmann. Berenice is a French artist who started to paint on walls while a teenager, then graduated with a Masters in Architectural History, and a traditional Fine Art course of study at Beaux Arts school in France. Every time I wear the shoes, they remind me of Paris – chic, summery and making a statement.


Get your own pair at BucketFeet web site or if you feel inspired, submit your own designs. The comfortable canvas shoes cost between $68-$84 and are available or men and women.

7 Must have Travel Bags for the Savvy Woman Traveler

Looking for the perfect bag for your travel needs? After doing extensive research, I have put together this list of the best and the boldest bags you can find in each category. Whether you are a fashionista, practical travelers, or are looking for gifts, here are some travel bags that would solve every space issue.


Burlington Wheeled Business Bag by Knomo London $399 is the best looking working woman bag out there that makes a statement. The carry-on size bag is good for overnight getaways, day trips and office meetings. Made from soft and sleek nylon exterior with saffiano leather trim and gold look hardware, this bag is durable and stylish at the same time. It has shockproof padded protective compartment to safely store a laptop or tablet.


Every bag has a unique Myknomo ID number found on the ID tag inside, and if lost, the finder can easily contact the company with the unique code. Knomo London says they will retrieve your Knomo and return it to you free of charge.


Don’t be seen with a huge black ugly camera bag each time you decide to take your professional equipment. The Claremont Leather Camera Bag by Lo & Sons $300 looks like a stylish leather purse and features extra internal padding specifically designed to protect a DSLR camera and a small extra lens. The cross body bag has adjustable straps and several discreet pockets for essentials – a back zipper pockets for cash/keys/cards, two front pockets for memory cards, and a hanging SD memory card holder. This is the best looking camera bag a woman could ask for!



Cute and durable shoe bags for every season that won’t tear off or go astray. Shoes on the Fly Shoe Bags help you pack better with their durable and artfully designed bags made of nylon (for sneakers and flip flops) and cotton (for heels and flats). Each bag is easily identifiable with “heels, flats, graduate, bridal party” engraved on the front. These are fun, functional and machine washable. The 4-bag shoe collection $85 is the perfect gift for a female traveler. A travel quote and bookmark comes packed inside.

Sept  14 photos 057 (2)-450x550


The Voyager Medina Travel Kit $155 is the most comprehensive hanging cosmetic bag that can fit everything you need when you travel – makeup, shampoo, face cleanser, perfume, jewelry, etc – all in one place. This is especially helpful when you are constantly changing hotels like me, as you are less likely to leave behind stuff. The nylon bag in fossil floral colors is made from lightweight-yet-durable fabrics and has easy-access U-shaped pockets, jewel tone metallic hardware, ribbon-like leather zipper pulls and distinctive ID tags.

TUMI Medina travel kit


Airline policies suggest that you never pack expensive jewelry into your checked baggage, but how often do we do it for the sake of convenience? Now, you can pack all your bracelets and rings into a compact Genoa Stella Jewelry Case by Hudson and Bleecker $58. Inspired by the colors and designs of the Italian Riviera, this super chic travel jewelry organizer is perfect for a cruise or wedding getaway.



The Tiny Tone by Dagne Dover $175 Tote is a smaller version of the multiple compartment tote bags. This very cute cross body handbag fits an iPhone 6, id’s, lipsticks, keys and business cards. It comes in elegant colors such as linen, champagne and onyx. The larger versions of the totes ($265) have signature organizational system to keep all of your travel
essentials in one place.



The Weekender Bag by Love 41 $578 is no ordinary duffel. Each of the side pockets detach to be used as cross-body bags for your day trips and it packs tons of organizational
features. The all in one feature consolidates the use of taking separate carry-ons, day purse, and hand bags. Made from Scottish waxed cotton and the most durable kind of leather (full grain), this item has a 41-year warranty. It is light weight, has extra padding for your shoulders, and folds away for storage. Another great thing to know is that 100% of all Love 41 profits go back to helping orphans, widows and street kids in Rwanda.