While companies are producing their versions of the “gotta have it” smart watch, it may be a little overwhelming to decide what actually makes one different from the next. If you are really struggling on making a decision on what to get though, then it might be worthwhile checking out a site like Product Expert to help give you a review of smart watches. They all possess the ability to receive email and text notifications, respond by voice, play music and adhere to any apps you download to your phone. While your phone will work well with a Smart Home, this Smart Watch gives you full functionality and comes with a range of features.


Offline GPS

So what sets Sony Smart Watch 3 a part from the crowd? It’s the only watch with a stand-alone GPS feature making it a sure shot for runners, athletic persons and could even be a boost of motivation for the “I’ll start on Monday” workout crews. Now, you won’t have to wear a Sphygmomanometer-like band around your bicep (you know, the device used to measure your blood pressure during your annual check-up) to carry around your phone. You’ll be able to trace your route and distance and it will sync once you are in range with your phone. The 4 gigabytes of internal storage will also allow you to enjoy all of your “summer bod” music playlists. Unfortunately, The Sony Smart Watch 3 doesn’t track your heart rate, which may be a deal breaker for some.

Download apps such as My Tracks, iFit, RunKeeper and Ghostracer to activate the offline GPS feature.


It is physically obvious the Sony Smart Watch 3 caters to the more athletic consumer. In comparison to other playmakers in the sea of smart watches, this model is a bit more bulky, which could be the result of a larger battery. The Sony Smart Watch 3 battery life is pretty impressive having lasted me a full day, even day and a half on some occasions. It uses the standard micro USB to charge the battery, although the location of the input is on the back face of the watch making it slightly awkward.

The feature that still gives me giddies is its resistance to water and dust. Sometimes I pour water on the watch just because I can. The band is made of rubber, therefore quite comfortable. It is easy to adjust the strap according to the size of your wrist. For replacement straps for smartwatch devices across a range of brands, Mobile Mob has a wide variety of bands to change the style of the device or replace broken parts.

If fashion makes or breaks your decision when purchasing a smart watch, the design of this model may not suit your needs, but keep in mind that Sony has just released a stainless steel version that is more sleek and stylish.


To maneuver through the available features of the watch is fairly easy. The recent system update allows you to view all of your available tabs. After “double tapping” the tab you selected, scroll down to view the entire page and swipe left to see additional settings related to the selected tab. Swiping “right” is essentially a back button when you are ready to go back to the main features.

Additionally, in the “settings” tab, you can adjust the face, font size and unique functionalities according to your preference.

The Sony Smart Watch 3 mirrors the applications featured on your phone. It displays a preview of any update or notification your phone would typically receive and allows you to view it. For example, when I receive an email, I have the option to read it and reply or dismiss it from the notification screen. If I receive a Whatsapp notification, I can view it, but prompted to open the app on my phone to send a reply.

Receiving or making calls requires a Bluetooth device, either an earpiece or your phone. The Sony Smart Watch 3 does allow you to reject or send text message replies without a Bluetooth device.

Additional Features

“Ok Google” is a feature that uses voice recognition to give commands. You can ask for the location to the nearest grocery store, set timers or reminders and verbally send a text to let your friends know you’ll be staying home tonight without pausing your favorite show on Netflix. It is one of its most compelling features simply because it allows your watch to revolve around the use of Google now which is very convenient.

If having a heart rate monitor is crucially essential, or the physical design of the watch has to aesthetically match your outfit for the day, or you absolutely can’t fathom the idea of using a Bluetooth device to make a phone call, the Sony Smart Watch 3 may not be for you. But to those looking for a smart watch that owns simplicity and functionality, supports your desire to become physically fit, without feeling the need to take a selfie, and let’s you decide which notifications are worthy of you digging all the way in your purse or back pocket to pull out your phone, then the Sony Smart Watch 3 is a great investment.

Note the Sony Smart Watch 3 is only compatible with Android wear. iPhone and Windows Phone users will have to sit this one out.