Last year, I spent a lot of time in New Mexico. From watching the stars at White Sands National Park, hiking in the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, visiting Native American Pueblos near Gallup, attending the largest balloon festival in the world in Albuquerque, to soaking in the healing waters of Ojo Santa Fe and staying at the newly renovated Bishops Lodge, I experienced a lot of what The Land of Enchantment has to offer. After traveling to almost the entire United States, New Mexico remains one of my favorite states. I feel it has a magical air about it, perhaps attributing to the ancient lands, spirits and cultures. Each time I visit New Mexico, I feel relaxed, amazed, and rejuvenated. So it is obvious that New Mexico should be the place for you to reset yourself.

experience history in Chaco Canyon
Hiking in Chaco Canyon.

Yes, there are ski slopes, mountains for hiking and biking, hot air balloon rides, water rafting and more. But New Mexico is also an ideal respite for wellness and zen seekers. With deep roots in Native American traditions, some of the most beautiful natural terrain found in North America, and renowned healing practices across the state, you can find plenty of unique health and wellness experiences in New Mexico. 

Here are a few you can start with:

Soak in the healing waters at Riverbend Hot Springs, (Truth or Consequences) 

The natural, mineral-rich water from the hot springs has long been considered sacred by tribes of New Mexico. Their relaxing and rejuvenating abilities melt stress away and recharge the mind and body. This location is located right along the Rio Grande, providing the perfect ambiance and beautiful views.

Practice meditation at the Bodhi Manda Zen Center, (Jemez Springs)

This center offers a wide range of activities, from morning meditations to weekend retreats, all with the common goal of spiritual growth. They are based on a monastic system that has evolved over centuries in India, China, and Japan, offering you an authentic, meaningful experience with experts. 

reset under the 2022 starry skies
Bandelier Star Trails

Reflect under the Dark Skies at Bandelier National Monument, (Los Alamos)

New Mexico is unique for many reasons, one of them being the dark skies. It is like seeing a portal to heaven. New Mexico has better star gazing than almost any other state. The site protects over 33,000 acres of gorgeous rugged canyon and mesa country, and was home to Ancestral Pueblo people hundreds of years ago. 

experience wellness in hot springs
Ojo’s hot springs

Enjoy a luxurious spa day at Ojo Spa Resorts, (Santa Fe and Taos)

Ojo Spa Resorts has two locations in New Mexico, Ojo Santa Fe in the heart of Santa Fe and Ojo Caliente, 20 minutes north of Taos. Both locations offer you an extensive spa menu, featuring wraps, facials, massages, hair therapies, and more. The resorts offer all-day access to communal pools or the option of a private soaking session. Soaking is an ancient ritual that, to this day, continues to be a revered healing practice. Every pool flows with pure mineral water straight from their hot springs and naturally rich in iron, lithia, arsenic, and soda.

Float through the Rio Chama with this wellness retreat, (Abiquiu)

You will get the chance to tap into the adventurous spirit of New Mexico while also experiencing the healing properties of yoga. This 3 day retreat features healthy, fresh meals prepared by the guides, daily riverside yoga sessions, running through the Rio Chama rapids, and exploring the nearby canyons. 

Start 2022 off with a juice cleanse from Verde Juice, (Ordered online)

Cleanse the body with a rejuvenating juice cleanse from this all natural, zero waste juice that can be delivered to the main cities in New Mexico, and even shipped to neighboring states. They offer all sorts of cold pressed juices, along with the popular adaptogenic juice shots, featuring ones for immunity, allergies, and endurance. 

Go glamping with KitFox, (Santa Fe)

This high desert glamping experience is the perfect space for reconnection with nature and friends this year. KitFox opened in 2021 just 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe, and offers you a remote location with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. You can partake in a range of activities or can choose to stay in the tent and take in the natural landscape around them. 

Experience Genesis Sound Bath Healing, (Rio Arriba County)

Sound bath healing is what some would describe as an “internal massage”, as this workshop works to relieve stress and recalibrate your entire being through the power of sound. It begins with guided meditation and essential oils, followed by sound waves of the crystal singing bowls by a professional. Beyond workshops, they also host retreats and events all throughout the year in their yurt. 

Sign up for a yoga retreat with Yoga Source, (Taos)

In the high desert mountain town of Taos over 3 acres of nature, Blue Sky Retreat and Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place for a wellness retreat. They offer a 5-day yoga retreat in which you can choose to experiential learning sessions to fully immersive yogic lifestyle. Beyond the teachings, they serve delicious healthy meals and personal attention from professionals to maximize the experience. 

relax with lavender
Lavender fields at Los Poblanos

 Join Los Poblanos Organic Farm for their Winter Wellness Retreat, (Albuquerque)

Los Poblanos is a beautiful property located on 25 acres of lavender fields, surrounded by cottonwood trees and lush gardens. Debuting in 2021, the property’s spa features treatments that incorporate botanicals and their own lavender products. These directly connect you with the regenerative farming practices while providing a true sense of relaxation. Additionally, you can participate in a Winter Wellness Retreat in February which is designed to enlighten four areas: physical, mental, social and personal growth. It is led by experts from numerous professions, all teaching their ways to incorporate wellness into your daily life.

Try out a traditional herbal medicine course, healing session, or wellness class with Native Roots, (Taos)

Native Roots is an Ancestral Folk and Herbal Medicine Collective & School in Taos created to honor the elders and to hold space for traditional medicine. Learn from experienced mentors that work to help you learn how to incorporate ancient practices into your wellness routine. From reaching sobriety, to coping with grief, to art therapy, to astrology readings and more, Native Roots will help you transform your life for the better. 

Explore primitive hot springs in Jemez Springs, (Jemez Springs)

Located an hour outside of both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, Jemez Springs is a popular tourist destination known for its natural mineral hot springs. This charming town offers a large variety of hot springs, some are located on public land and accessible with a hike surrounded by nature, some are day spas offering treatments and massages. 

visit New Mexico in 2022
Main square of Santa Fe

Visit Inn at The Five Graces for a restorative treatment, (Santa Fe)

Located in Santa Fe, The Inn at the Five Graces is a luxury hotel and spa with earthy, traditional adobe and stone exterior. The Tibetan-inspired spa matches this theme with rich colors and detailed tiles throughout the rejuvenating facilities and amenities. They incorporate herbal compresses, Himalayan salt stones, aromatic towels steeped in Santa Fe herbs and flowers in their treatments to really go the extra mile in comfort. 

nature wellness in Santa Fe
Fall in Santa Fe National Forest

Expand awareness in outdoor mindfulness sessions at Bishop’s Lodge, (Santa Fe)

Bishops’s Lodge is a newly renovated hotel located less than 4 miles from Santa Fe, on 317 secluded acres bordering the Santa Fe National Forest. Furnished by talented local artisans from Santa Fe, the hotel features quality restaurants, a stable, a pool, a trout stream, and a healing arts studio. They offer a series of movement and meditation rituals, as well as an extensive spa treatment list. One of the featured treatments include the Antara CBD massage, which begins with a dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is followed by a full body CBD massage with a soothing oil, warming CBD balm applications, and intentional turquoise stone placement.

Learn about Curanderismo, the traditional healing of the mind, energy and spirit, (Albuquerque)

Through the University of New Mexico, learn from a series of four courses all focused on Curanderismo from basic principles of healing properties of plants, to the global and cultural influences of traditional healing. Gain knowledge of the history of traditional medicine and healing practices around the world, as well as how it is used today. These courses are free and accessible online through Coursera for all to enjoy. 

Experience the healing vibes of the Salt Cave, (Santa Fe)

Lie back in a room lined with Himalayan pink salt crystals to promote respiratory, mental, and skin health. Surrounded by gentle soothing music and relaxing atmosphere, leave the cares of the world behind as you breathe in the natural disinfectant. A local favorite, this location has won awards for its effective alternative healing practices.

Text and Photo Credit: New Mexico TRUE