Located 45 minutes north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge is a place where you can find trees older than the USA itself. It’s called Muir Woods and it happens to be the home of thousands of ancient Red Wood trees. Not only is Muir Woods a national park, it is also a great hike for any outdoor enthusiast.

San Francisco Bridge

Hiking Trails Suited for Everyone

The hiking trails are good for beginners to advanced hikers. They can take from 2 hours to a full day to complete. There are a few campsites on the property if your inner boy scout needs a nature fix. If you have the time and can handle the terrain, the hike up to the hidden beer garden is absolutely the best thing you could do with your day.

Muri Woods Trail

The full-day hike will take you through a variety of landscapes from the glorious redwoods to fields of wildflowers. There are small creeks sprinkled through the trails. As you ascend, you are rewarded with extraordinary views of the surrounding mountains.

Hiking at Muir Woods

Sights to See Along the Way

The beer garden or Nature Friends Tourist House is a nice break from the hike. Isolated on the side of a mountain is a hidden cabin. Anyone can drive there, but the hike is much more enjoyable. As you sit among the other travelers playing popular 90’s board games and consuming beer on picnic blankets you will feel a bit of nostalgic euphoria.

Overlooking the Canopy

If you have time in San Francisco, all travelers alike should visit Muir Woods. The welcome center has a variety of educational information and activities for all ages. If you enjoy adventure, the hiking is beautiful and the smell of evergreen with a shady canopy brings you into a state of instant serenity.

~ By Joy Hmielewski. Joy is an ex-office worker with a love for adventure. A few years ago she picked up a camera and learned everything she could. She never wanted to spend her days in a cubical so she started a photography business and traveled anywhere she could go for cheap. She now travels extensively with a backpack and a small budget. Follow Joy on Facebook, Twitter@JoyDoesStuff and Instagram: @JoyDoesStuff