My dear friend Gina wrote on her blog today to just get out there and do it because “none of us is guaranteed a next time.” That made me think about my own philosophy of life.

I climbed 5500 FT to Sarangkot see the sunrise in Pokhara, Nepal

I hardly ever talk about religion publicly, but here’s my story. My great-grand mother was a Hindu, she converted to Christianity to save herself from being sacrificed on her husband’s funeral pyre (a tradition known as sati at the time). My grandfather was Muslim. He use to attend Church with his best friend and fell in love with my grandmother there. My father, a Hindu (again, a love marriage) who later took on a Sikh second wife. So, I had practically all religions represented in my family which gave me the opportunity to learn about all of them from a very young age.

After learning about many religions and philosophies, I decided that my personal philosophies as an individual reflect those of a Buddhist. I believe in the act of karma – that you reap what you sow. All of our thoughts, words and actions become energies that reflect out into the universe and bring us back something – good or bad. We may see the results right away or next year or even in another life. But every action has a reaction, this I believe.

Subconsciously I have been living with these  believes all my life. I never been afraid to take a risk, to lend a hand or to jump into sometime new. If an opportunity presents itself before me, I embrace it like a special gift. That probably explains why I have dabbled into multiple careers and enjoyed every one of them. I tell my friends constantly “Say what you mean. If you say you want to do it, just do it.”

There are two things I want you to take away from this. One, before you react to another person or a situation, take a moment to reflect how this will impact your own karma. Would you chose to go out and work in the soup kitchen on a Sunday afternoon or stay home and watch a game on TV? If a friend calls you to talk and vent, would you make an excuse that you are busy or pick up the phone? When your co-worker yells at you, would you shout back or give her a hug?

Two, if there is anything you are waiting to do in your life, do it right now. Although many philosophies believe in after-life, they also state the important of improving each life, overcoming pain bodies and trying to attempt nirvana (or enlightenment). That’s a state of eternal peace all humans are striving to attain, whether consciously or subconsciously. So, if you want to start a business, do it! If you dream to see the world, do it! If you want to volunteer in Africa, do it! There is never going to be a “right time” so do it now.

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