El Salvador is well known for its coffee. Well, due to increased competition, it probably doesn’t get the much deserved recognition on a global platform. A great deal of its economy is dependent upon it so the locals take their coffee very seriously. While searching for a cup of latte, I came across this place “Biscuit Factory” on Calle El Mirador in downtown San Salvador.

As the name gives away, Biscuit Factory carried an assortment of biscuits, empanadas and pastels in all sizes, shapes and colors. In the West, these are known as “cookies.”

I did not see a coffee maker, but I asked the friendly Spanish-speaking lady behind the counter, if they sell coffee. She said, yes they do and would I prefer a cappuccino, espresso or latte? Assuming they make the drinks in the back, I asked for a latte. Little did I know, there was no espresso machine, not even a coffee maker, yet the lady went on to prepare a latte!

Here’s how you make a latte without a machine. All you need is a dry coffee press, a tea press, a microwave, cup and spoon. Of course, you need latte ingredients – good quality ground coffee, milk, water and sugar. First, press the ground coffee very firmly with all your force till they are crushed.

Meanwhile, boil water in the microwave. Pour the hot water over the ground coffee and press agin to pass through into a large cup.

Warm milk in the microwave. Pour hot milk into the liquid tea press. Press down several times till the milk begins to froth. Watch video of how she does this with great patience. Notice how dedicated she is to the coffee making process, not even blinking an eye. Finally, pour the frothed hot milk in the cup over the coffee, stirring gently with a spoon. Here you have the perfect cup of latte without the fancy equipment and a lot of love!

The lady handed me over the cup and smiled. It took her about 10 minutes to make 1 cup and she charged me $2 USD for it. When I took a sip, she searched for my approval, which I gave. It was a delicious cup of latte, especially after knowing that someone took so much time and attention to make it. Yes, the Salvadorians take their coffee business very seriously!