Who says you can’t eat lobster for every course? Well, not dessert (I think) but I did eat these wonderful lobster dishes while in Maine last week. Not one was overcooked, which is typically how you find it in the south. Sweet juicy lobster meat was delicately seasoned, sometimes not at all, so that you are able to taste the true flavor.

80% of the lobsters found in the US come from Maine. It is not uncommon to find Mainers lobstering (fishing for lobsters) through the summer. They are also fished sustainability, meaning only a limited number can be taken by each fisherman and resident. The female lobsters cannot be fished and have to be sent back into the water.

Lobster is comparatively cheap in Maine. You can get a whole one for about $9 in an inexpensive shack, which can land up for $60 in a fine dine restaurant outside the state. So, while in Maine, I did what the Mainers do – eat lobster!

The Inn by the Sea has a wonderful restaurant, Sea Glass serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends. They source everything locally and promote a farm to table concept. Enjoy a delicious breakfast of lobster omelet with a hot cup of cappuccino, then take a stroll on their boardwalk, watch the birds, and relax on the beach.

Lobster Omelet at Sea Glass

Lobster Stew at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights, literally a shack by the ocean side. You can order stews, rolls or plates at the counter, then grab a picnic table and enjoy the views with your meal. Open March-October.

Lobster Stew at Lobster Shack

Fisherman’s Catch Wells is a rustic seafood restaurant which can be easily missed if you are not looking for it. Here you will find communal style tables and the fresh simple seafood. While the fried clams here are listed in “100 things to eat before you diet” the lobster rolls are no less. A traditional maine lobster roll should have lobster meat, a dash of paprika, some mayonnaise and toasted roll. If they offer you lettuce and tomato, just say no.

Lobster Roll at Fisherman’s Catch Wells

You cannot come to Maine and not eat a whole Maine lobster stuffed with shrimps and scallops. For that, you go to Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport. The hotel has won many awards and is a popular wedding destination.

Whole Maine stuffed lobster at Nonantum Resort

I love it when the work is already done for me and the meat is processed yet presented in it’s shell. One of the best dishes I ate in Maine was an orange infused lobster with roasted corn risotto, served with baby carrots and a light buttery sauce. Delicious creation of Chef Mitchell Morgan Kaldrovich at the Sea Glass restaurant in Cape Elizabeth.

Orange infused lobster with roasted corn risotto at Sea Glass

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Give thanks in the comfort of a vacation home.

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