Metro Rush Hour

Dublin Metro Rush Hour

The Dublin metro is a speedy and reliably way to zip around the city. Locally called the “Luas,” this light-rail tram can take you from the pedestrian friendly city center, past the medieval mummies of St. Michan’s Church at Four Courts stop, and all the way to the Guinness Storehouse at James’s on the other side of the River Liffey.

Rainy Afternoon puddles

Rainy afternoon puddles in Dublin, Ireland

One of the best spots in Dublin for quiet reflection is Trinity College. With its protective walls and tranquil courtyards, the 400 years of history at Trinity College are alive and tangible at this calm oasis within the city. Dublin is a beautiful city and a place where people really should visit. If you are considering flying over to Dublin at some point, then you might want to check the Dublin airport bus to help you plan your trip a bit better.

Walking the streets of Temple Bar

Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar district has a high concentration of colorful pubs and narrow streets. Exploring this area and drinking at the traditional pubs is one of the quintessential experiences for any visitor to Dublin. Temple bar is alive with music and people all throughout the night. The atmosphere is joyous with people singing and mingling. It’s the only place you can walk into a bar, start to sing a song, and the entire place joins in!

Early Morning Silence

Dublin's famous O’Connell Street

O’Connell Street is the main artery of the city north of the River Liffey. In the early mornings the stillness and quiet here can belie the fierce history that took place on this street. In 1916 the General Post Office building was taken over by Irish Rebels and led to intense fighting with the British. Many believe that this conflict helped build wider sympathy for the fight to gain independence from Great Britain. The bullet holes from this battle can still be seen in the pillars today.

Magnificent Dublin Library

Magnificent Dublin Library

Nestled within Trinity College is the Old Library, where the gorgeously illustrated Book of Kells is kept. In addition to this 1,000 year old manuscript the library also includes the Long Hall, which is a magnificent tribute to writing. It has a rich smell of old leather and oak and will give you that strong sense of wonder that traveling is all about.

~ By Joy Hmielewski. Joy is an ex office worker with a love for adventure. A few years ago she picked up a camera and learned everything she could. She never wanted to spend her days in a cubical so she started a photography business and traveled anywhere she could go for cheap. She now travels extensively with a backpack and a small budget.