The monastary of Carmen located in the basement of Catedral Inmaculada Concepcion is home to nuns who don’t make any contact with the outside world. They do sell homemade jams, jellies, honey, wine, pastries, and trinkets, but without a shop or a display window.

cathedral carmen Cuenca
The product list is stated on the board. You simply ring the bell for an attendant. A nun will come to the wooden window but you cannot see her. Tell her your order and she will send it across the rotating screen. Similarly, place the money she asks for into the chamber and complete the transaction. It feels like going to the confession booth at a church, with a nice prize at the end.

cathedral carmen CuencaThe monastery has been around since 1682 and located in the Cuenca city center. Visit the cathedral any time of the day and you will find local devotees. Also, there are flower markets outside every day.

flower marken in Cuenca

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