Customized Lightweight Luggage That You Can’t Lose

When shopping for new luggage, what are some things that you look for? For me, it is looks, durability and price. With thousands of black, blue and red check-in bags circling around the conveyor belt, it can get difficult to identify your bag. Have you ever picked up someone else’s suitcase because it was the same, make, model and color as yours? Have your personalized luggage tags and luggage labels fallen off? Well, you can now get some relief with custom bags from UGO Bags.

I ordered a medium hardshell suitcase with Go Eat Give logo design and immediately placed another order for a large one! Here are some things I loved about UGO Bags…

uno bags goeatgive

SUPER LIGHT – Don’t you hate it when the bag weighs half the luggage allowance, leaving little room for your much needed clothes and shoes? The UGO Bag has shell casing that is super lightweight and robust polycarbonate. I can lift the large bag with one hand and no effort.

CUSTOM EXTERIOR – You can select an existing design on UGO Bag website or completely customize your own. Collections include colorful images of pets, cities, sports, contemporary art, and more. Chose the case color (white, black or silver), upload a photo or logo, change the colors (10 options) of the handles and the wheels, and click “add to cart.” It takes less than 5 minutes and now you will be able to spot your bag at the airport! The image is actually engraved on the bag, so it doesn’t risk peeling off like some of the adhesive ones.

uno bags customize

SMART INTERIOR – One of the things I look for in a good piece of luggage is how much storage capacity it has. UGO Bag’s smart interior design with multiple pockets divides both halves of the bag and secures belongings when opening. You don’t need to carry packing cubes as everything is already built in.

IN BUILT LOCKS – You buy a $200 bag, then a $10-20 lock. Often times, you lose the locks in hotel rooms or at home, then you go buy some more. Not anymore! The UGO Bag has a built in TSA locking system, so you can ensure your luggage is secure at all times.

GOOD WARRANTY – My UGO Bag is made with high quality materials and looks very cool. It says “Made in US.” UGO Bags warranty promises to repair or replace any malfunctioning or defective luggage in the first 5 years.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The bags also feature ultra smooth four-wheel spinner, top and lateral handles for easy loading and unloading, and side bumpers allowing horizontal storage of luggage. The multi-lock retractable trolley handle allows for smooth maneuverability.


MOBILE ART – If you are an artist or photographer and want to feature your work on a bag, apply here.

UGO Bags come in 3 sizes – Small carry-on $199, Medium for 1-3 night getaway $249, and Large $299 for week long trips. If you would like to order one for yourself or as a gift, use discount code  “UGOEATGIVE25” to receive 25% off!

Travel Light, Shop a Lot?

If you are a traveler like me, you start with a “pack light” attitude, carrying only the minimal 1 check in + 1 carry. Even though I can take more luggage (due to my frequent flyer perks), I prefer to have only what I can haul myself, which is also challenging when I go abroad on 2-3 week long trips. Moreover, I when I am walking around markets in Turkey, Indonesia or India, I am tempted to shop for the amazing local crafts at dirt cheap prices. I don’t particularly like souvenirs, but I love to collect an occasional painting, a wall decoration piece, ceramics for the kitchen, and unique gifts to pass around the holidays.

As a result, I have often found myself leaving with 1 suitcase and coming back with 2. Most recently, I walked into a souvenir shop in Cannes, France and bought a cheap rolling bag for $40 because I had accumulated more things during my 2-weeks drive through the French and Italian Riviera. This cycle has happened over and over again, to the point I have so many one-time use bags that I don’t know what to do with them!

Finally, there is a solution. Biaggi is a portable suitcase that folds into a small box shape and fits inside your suitcase, or even backpack. When you need an extra piece of luggage, just unzip and expand. It is light, functional and durable enough to make it through airline luggage handling.
I tested out a medium-size bag on my recent visit to Washington D.C. for the Travel and Adventure Show. In my Biaggi ZipSak, I jammed in about 50 pounds of brochures, flyers and Go Eat Give materials for the show. When I arrived at the Convention Center, it was easy to roll the Biaggi straight to my booth, unpack all the materials, and zip it back to a portable size. There was no unnecessary suitcase lying around in the corner of the booth.

On the way back, I had gotten rid of all the materials so my Biaggi was empty. I stored it inside my suitcase and saved money on an extra check-in.

I thought about how all Go Eat Give travelers carry with them a bag full of donations to the destinations and can use this product. Biaggi makes practical sense for people going on a cruise, renting a cabin or small rooms, sharing spaces, and camping as well. The Biaggi ZipSak is the perfect second piece of luggage you can pack in your suitcase for those extra souvenirs. It comes in 3 sizes – Carry-on Spinner $59, Foldable Spinner $79 and Large Duffel  $99. Color options include blue, red, purple and many others.

Stephen Hersh, the founder of Biaggi appeared on Shark Tank Season 6 pitching Biaggi’s lines of foldable luggage and ZipSak duffles. In December 2014, he made a deal with investor Lori Greiner for half a million dollars. He shares his experience of being in the Shark Tank on his blog.

Shark Tank Get 30% your entire purchase of Biaggi online. Use discount code “GoEatGive30” at checkout. Offer valid until April 17, 2015.