Themes are a fun way to add a creative flair to any party or gathering that you are planning. I personally love themes and have hosted everything from a Hawaiian Dinner Party to Cuisine themed parties! Speaking of themed parties, have you ever hosted a cheese-themed Party? I have! When preparing for this cheese and […]

How To Do a Cheese-Themed Dinner Party

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56% of Macedonia is made up of hills and mountains. While driving through the countryside, a common citing is herds of sheep blending with the landscapes with an occasional Shepard companion. By luck, I happen to visit the home of a Macedonian Shepard, which was located far out in the middle of nowhere, and was […]

The Life of a Macedonian Shepard

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You might think pasta, pistachios and the strong flavor of gorgonzola make for an odd combination, but it works! It is so easy to make and only takes a few minutes. The dish is quite rich so I recommend serving it as a side to a meat entree. I served it at our Italian conversation […]

Shells with gorgonzola and pistachios

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