In my opinion, there is nothing to do in Naples except eat! Surely, its a historic city with lots of UNESCO world heritage sites and beautiful views, but the sole reason to come here is for the food. Naples is the birthplace of pizza and many other dishes. It is the former capital of Italy […]

When in Naples – EAT!

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Before I even recovered from my 12-hour time change, I headed to a Japanese Cooking Class on my first day in Tokyo (because that’s what I do when I first arrive in a new country). After an intense walk through the crowded Tsukiji Fish Market, where “tuna fish” is more of a prized commodity than food, I arrived […]

Cooking Teriyaki in Tokyo

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One of the most popular dishes in Turkish cuisine is Dolma, meaning stuffed. The Turks stuff all sorts of dried and fresh vegetables – eggplants, okra, peppers, zucchini, grape leaves with meat, rice and nuts. More than often, dolma is served as an appetizer, but it can also be eaten as light entree. Here is […]

Zeytinyağlı Biber Dolma Recipe

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On my last evening in Spain, my friend Gina and I headed to AIL Madrid near Retiro park for a Gazpacho Cooking Class. Little did I know that the class was about to be held in Spanish! Well, that would be quite obvious since it was at a language school. In fact, AIL offers unique […]

Speak and Eat in Spanish

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Summer is around the corner and its camping season. Kids of all ages are enrolled in programs for everything ranging from science, dance, and sports to debates. But have you considered a cooking camp for this summer? If you have children ages 8-16, here are five reasons you should consider enrolling your kids in a […]

Five reasons to enroll in a cooking camp this summer

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