This idea of social responsibility is an important one, but its best practices can be sometimes hard to navigate. To help, I have applied the idea to my favorite beverage – coffee. Below are 5 easy ways to start socially responsible coffee habits today. Steps towards Socially Responsible Coffee Learn: What is Socially Responsible Coffee? […]

Going Beyond the Beans: Socially Responsible Coffee

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EcoExperiencias is not just a tour operator in El Salvador. It is a family run tour company that has a mission to give back to the community it serves. Similar to our belief at Go Eat Give, EcoExperiencias thrives to show tourists the real aspects of the country, engage them with the local people, and […]

Tours that give back

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When synthetic indigo came to market at the end of the 19th century, it virtually wiped out the indigo farming industry worldwide. But one lady singlehandedly decided to keep indigo alive in her country of El Salvador.

World’s best organic indigo

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Pupusa is a traditional El Salvadorian dish made with a thick corn tortilla stuffed with fillings of pork (chicharrón) , mashed refried beans, cheese (queso), onions, mushrooms or chillies. The two most commonly found pupusas are the pupusa de queso (cheese) and more popular pupusa revuelta with mixed ingredients of cheese, beans, and chicharrón. Pupusas are served […]

El Salvadorian Pupusa

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When you take that sip of fresh cup of coffee in the morning, do you ever stop to wonder where it came from? Sure, you may have bought a premium bag of Columbian or Sumatra roasts from your neighborhood grocery store or cafe, but do you know how coffee is grown and processed, the labor […]

The art and labor of making coffee

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