Though Armenia is a small country (141st largest in the world), it has a lot of diverse landscapes. From snow capped mountains and alpine lakes, to dry deserts and lush green valleys, there are lots of micro climates within Armenia. Our Go Eat Give photographer, Amanda Villa-Lobos took over ten thousand pictures while traveling around […]

The Best Summer Scenery From Armenia (Photo Blog)

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Just a few miles outside Ohrid, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Macedonia, is the Monastery of Saint Naum. The monastery overlooks the pristine Lake Ohrid, that borders with northwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania. One can drive around the lake in under thirty minutes or take a day cruise aboard a ferry to visit […]

Blessed by Saint Naum

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One of the most captivating landscapes in northern Italy can be found at Lake Como. It is very close to Milan and can be easily visited on a day trip. The lake is shaped like an upside down V so it’s ideal to start at the top and leisurely make your way down closer to […]

Exploring Lake Como

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