Fuego Mundo

Fuego Mundo is an authentic South American casual restaurant located at The Prado in Sandy Springs in Atlanta.  If you want quality food with a Latin twist that is abundant, unique, tasty, affordable and healthy, all in a casual world-class environment, then this is the place for you!

Owners Masha Hleap-Hershkovitz and Udi Hershkovitz combined their Columbians and Jewish backgrounds with an inspired trip to Central and South America, to create a fun, lively restaurant that expresses their passion for flavors, cultures and wines.

Here you can savor foods from the continents of South America, Central America and Spain that not only scintillates your taste buds but is also suited if you are looking for gluten free, organic, vegan, dairy free or kosher food options. From Spanish tapas style starters to typical South American entrees that are made-to-order in front of you on an exhibition wood-fire grill fueled by natural oak wood, you can fully enjoy a multi-sensory experience without being tough on your wallet.

The house Sangria complements the food really well and is a must try here. The menu will please all palates with a wide range of food selections with authentic dishes ranging from Peruvian style ceviche and yucca fries to carefully prepared spicy Spanish style baked beef pastelito. For a more healthy start, try the Fuego Mundo’s signature style Latin vegetable soup made daily with 10 vegetables and herbs.

Among entrees, you can choose either a Latin style steaks, burgers, fresh sea-foods. The calories counters can also find a decent selection of entrée salads with added proteins. They are marinated with Fuego Mundo’s own homemade sauces that are big on flavor, without being spicy, for maximum taste and health benefits. The fish, tofu and veggies are grilled separately from the meats and poultry to care for vegetarians and people with food sensitivities. All entrees come with a pre listed combination of sides where you can pick #1 The Latin – a more traditional approach to rice, beans and plantains; or #3 The Health Nut – organic quinoa, black beans and plantains. The menu allows a lot of flexibility to design your own plate as per your desires and diet restrictions. At Fuego Mundo you will discover that it doesn’t need to be expensive to be good and healthy.

The promise of fast, warm and friendly customer experience is held strong. Fuego Mundo is perhaps the only restaurant in Atlanta where you can find a variety of selections that are kosher, organic, gluten-free dairy-free, grass-fed and vegan-friendly.  It has been consistently rated as the Best Kosher restaurant in Atlanta. They are offering a Mother’s Day special for $27.95 per personal which includes a 3-course meal, sangria and live music! Apparently, it is “the best kept secret” as per Star94 FM.

Hasta Pronto!

Fuego Mundo
5590 Roswell Road, Suite # A120
Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Roatan restaurant guide

I have been getting many requests on restaurant recommendations in Roatan, so here you are. The food served at most restaurants in Roatan tends to have both Western and Caribbean influences, catering more to the tourists visiting from North America and Europe. They charge in USD at comparable US prices. However, if you venture out to shacks, street food and some fast food places, the cuisine is more local and priced for the natives too.

Also, being on the island, ingredients are harder to source and therefore everything is more expensive. For 2 lunch entrees, a juice and a dessert at San Pedro Sula, I paid about $5. In Roatan, no meal was under $50 for two people.

Honduras is famous for rum so a safer bet is to order cocktails rather than wine. Even the local beer is quite popular and available for $2-3 at most places.

Udurau Restaurant located at the Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort is a charming British-Caribbean style establishment. Udaurau meaning fish in Garafuna language. The menu reflect this rich cultural heritage and offers fried snapper in spicy coconut sauce with rice and boiled vegetable. Every piece of fish is fresh, flaky and cooked to perfection.

Beachfront Restaurant at Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort – Beautiful patios with excellent beach views. The lunch buffet is a good mix of local dishes (salads, fish, rice) as well as western (pasta, pizza, burgers) and elaborate banana, cheery and chocolate desserts. Everything tastes fresh and the servers are very friendly. The adjacent bar is also very fun and they have live entertainment on weekends. Try the Monchilala cocktail, made with coconut milk and a combination of different liqueurs, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Geo’s at French Harbor – You will need to drive out to this family run Italian-Caribbean restaurant. They offer large plates of seafood including crabs, lobsters, shrimp and clams. Get a picnic style table on the patio with the backdrop of the water. The Mojitos here are really good. It’s a bit on the pricey side.

Street shack (random ladies at West End) – Best Baleadas and tacos can be found on the street carts and random shacks. Baleadas are typical wheat flour tortillas stuffed with meat or eggs, cheese and salad. The ladies will make them to order and charge you $1-2.

The Mayan at West Bay – Upscale and romantic date night restaurant located midst of high end resorts, where you can get the best ceviche on the island. The mixed ceviche causes a delightful salsa in your mouth with chunks of lobster, conch and shrimp flirting with lemon juice, onions and chili peppers. They also have ample steak and seafood preparations. Save this for a special evening.

Thongs Thai restaurant at West End – Known for the best food on the island, Thongs is a small family run establishment overlooking the water that serves authentic dishes with some island flavor. No one has left unsatisfied walking out of here.

The Blue Marlin at West End  – the place to be on Thursday nights. Locals and expats flock here for live karaoke by the harbor. The bar is packed and you will hear many languages being spoken late into the night.

Mucho Bueno at West End – Located next to Thongs Thai, Mucho Bueno (or very good in Spanish) offers live reggae music on the weekend. It is also located by the water in the bustling night life area of West End. Generally, there is no cover charge at any of the bars and clubs. You can also carry your drinks around bar hopping as long as they are in platic containers.

Deseo Shrimp Chicharron

Perhaps one of the most dazzling dinners was one that I recently ate at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Inside the resort is this cool, hip Nuevo-Latino restaurant named Daseo (meaning desire), as you are left with a strong desire to take home a doggy bag after dinner, even though you are staying at a hotel and your home is 2,000 miles away. Executive chef Todd Berry has created an innovative Latin inspired menu showcasing dishes that will blow your mind away. One of these is the Shrimp Chicharron. Unlike the name which usually stands for fried pork belly, this dish has no bacon in it. It has a fiery sauce complimented by fresh robust shrimp. If you like spicy food, this baby is for you.

The best part is that it is so easy to prepare. You will surely shine as a budding chef if you cooked this at your next party (Note: Holidays are coming up). Westin was kind enough to share the recipe with me which I am now passing on to you.

Shrimp Chicharron

6 oz cooked medium shrimp

1/2 oz chopped parsley

1 oz flour

2 oz shrimp chicharron sauce (see below)

pickled jalapenos

vegetable oil for frying

In a mixing bowl, dust shrimp with flour. Shake off excess flour and set aside. In a medium wok, heat oil and fry the shrimp for about a minute or two on high heat. Spoon out the shrimp and drain off excess oil. Lightly mix the chicharron sauce with the shrimp in a separate bowl. Garnish with chopped parsley and pickled jalapenos.

Chicharron Sauce

3 oz aji amarillo paste

6 oz condensed milk

4 oz mayonnaise

juice of 1 lime

splash of habanero sauce

In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients. Cover and chill until ready to use.

Recipe courtesy of Deseo at The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, Phoenix-Scottsdale. The resort has a members-only program to celebrate passionate foodies, known as “Kierland Epicurean Club.”