As we raise a toast to bring in the new year, the excitement and cheering often times drowns out the knowledge of the contents of the champagne glass. For most people, the mere fact that there is an icy cold, gold color, bubbly liquid, served in a long stem crystal glass is enough to mark […]

Which bubbles are you drinking?

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What do you do when you have guests coming over, the big game is starting and you are left with only a few minutes to prepare something? Here is my two-minute recipe for a really delicious and healthy finger food. It’s perfect for gathering, big or small. Salmon-Avocado bites (makes 15 pieces) 1 box Athens […]

“Two minutes to Super Bowl” recipe

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Having a Cinco de Mayo party at home can actually be quite fun. Whether you are hosting a few people or a large crowd, these easy to do ideas will make your event a big hit. As with any themed party, you must plan ahead of time to create the right mix of ambience, food […]

How to throw a Cinco de Mayo party

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