The best way to see a place is through the eyes of the locals. Whenever possible, I avoid hop-on buses and express tours. I like to explore cities by simply walking around and getting lost. But its always best to have a local person who speaks the local language and is familiar with the streets […]

Volunteer Guides in South Korea

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I was away from home on Easter, in Seoul, South Korea. While Easter is not a recognized holiday in South Korea, it is celebrated at the American bases. Inside the US Army base, there are Easter egg hunts, elaborate brunch buffets and kids running around in bunny costumes. I visited the the Garrison Yongsan base, […]

Americans Celebrating Easter in Seoul

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After walking around the streets for hours, my tired feet came across a sign for SPA, and had to stop. As foolproof and reliable day spas austin are, another fun treatment to try is by Doctor Fish. My friend explained that hundreds of little fishes nibble on the dead skin off your feet. The result […]

Doctor Fish

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