Coming from a family of at-home gardeners, we have always planted a summer garden. Typically, we grow herbs and vegetables such as basil, sage, tomatoes, and of course, cucumbers.  Every summer, we plant cucumbers so we can make our family’s favorite – refrigerator pickles. Never heard of refrigerator pickles before? Essentially, they are homemade bread […]

Here’s How We Pickle Around the World

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Adventure travel writer Phoebe Smith shares her soothing tales of Slow Travel with the Calm community and helps people fall asleep on World Sleep Day.

Can Travel Stories Put You To Sleep?

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My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a homemade, fresh of the griddle pancake. I don’t particularly like the ones at restaurants and hotels. In my opinion, they probably have a lot of butter or oil that make them taste very rich and leaves me with an overstuffed belly. I try to make my […]

Pancakes round the world

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