Go Eat Give is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural connection and understanding through global service, community education, and international travel.

We offer sustainable international vacations featuring authentic, immersive experiences with local people, cultures, and cuisines. By partnering with community organizations abroad, Go Eat Give raises global awareness of important issues and provides meaningful support to local nonprofits, including orphanages, schools, health centers, food programs, and women’s empowerment centers. We organize customized individual and group tours.

Go Eat Give also hosts Destination Dinners at local Atlanta restaurants to highlight a country’s culture and raise awareness of its unique features and attributes. We showcase restaurants that serve authentic cuisine from the country, speakers that share knowledge of the country’s customs and practices, and artists that educate participants on the local culture.

Go Eat Give offers hands-on international Cooking Classes in a diverse variety of cuisines at homes throughout Atlanta. We teach individuals to prepare original recipes from experienced chefs in the comfort of a private home while educating participants on international culture.

Our award-winning blog has over 600 posts on destinations, hotel review, airlines, products and stories of people who are making an impact.