Visit legendary Evita in Buenos Aires

You may have heard of the political activist Eva Peron, watched the Broadway musical or movie “Evita” or perhaps heard the famous song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” which was beautifully sung by Madonna. Eva Peron left a legendary impact on the history of Argentina, and no visit to Buenos Aires is complete without visiting Museo Evita. The Evita Museum is housed in a mansion constructed for the Carabassa family during the first decade of the 20th century and Hogar de Tránsito (Temporary Home) #2, a shelter for women and children with no resources in 1948. Continue reading “Visit legendary Evita in Buenos Aires”

Birthplace of caramel

Sure you must have heard of dulce de leche before. Italians, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilians, Portuguese and many others have incorporated  it into their cuisines. It is also known as cream caramel, doce de elite, cajeta, confiture de lait, Hamar-pålegg, manjar blanco and arequipe. You can find different varieties of it around the world but Argentinians claim to have invented the original dulce de leche. Continue reading “Birthplace of caramel”