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Celebrate your BODY in Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe is aptly known for high spiritual energy that stems from its unique landscapes and Native American history. It is home to a number of spas, yoga and meditation centers, spiritual healers and alternative medicine practitioners. While the choices are endless, many locals pick BODY of Santa Fe as their daily destination for a complete inner and outer retreat.

BODY, a unique day spa is a place for people from all walks of life to gather and share in a diverse community center environment where everyone wins. It has a studio, gym, spa, cafe and retail store – all under one roof. When you walk into the BODY facility, the first area that grabs your attention is the boutique, separated by men’s, women’s, jewelry and spa products. The boutique is unique as it only carries handpicked items from companies that practice fair-trade, sustainable, and organic business practices. A lot of emphasis is given to showcasing US based designers, while there are some pieces from Europe as well. 

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The BODY studio offers yoga, dance and fitness classes seven days a week taught by passionate instructors. While you are working on stretching your muscles, you can leave the  toddlers at BODY Kids. It is a day care facility/ discovery center that would bewilder the young minds. Even as a grown up, I wanted to step into this brightly painted play area with all kinds of little distractions.

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You can’t come to Santa Fe and not get a spa treatment. After an awakening yoga or spin class, the best thing to do is go to the BODY Spa for a relaxing massage. BODY employs highly trained and intuitive therapist that can give you the most amazing Thai, hot stone and therapeutic massages.

Copyright Go Eat GiveThe cafe at BODY offers delicious vegetarian and raw cuisine that you would want to come back for each day. Even the sinfully looking desserts are made of ingredients such as dates, coconut oil, that are good for you! Moreover over 90% of the ingredients are organic and  the chef favors locally grown produceThe raw Thai vegan soup boasts flavor ingredients such as young coconut, curry, lemon grass, cucumber, shallot, wild lime leaf, avocado, mint, cilantro, basil and sea salt, that would dance on your tongue. Raw carrot cake is one of my favorites, but you can’t go wrong with the raw agave nectar truffles either. You will find regulars lounging in the SOUL Room’s comfortable and peaceful ambiance, sipping on cleansing drinks and reading a book in silence.

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BODY of Santa Fe is a unique place that encompasses all aspects of the body to give you a restful rejuvenating experience under one roof. While it is quite popular with locals, visitors to Santa Fe can also enjoy the dining, spa, shopping and exercise for affordable prices. Even if you decide to stop by for a short visit, make sure you try the vegan desserts and a cup of tea! 

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