Chris Milligan is the Bar Manager and Mixologist at Secreto Lounge in the Historic Hotel St. Francis in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has won many awards for his creative concoctions and loves to write about wine and cocktails. Below, he shares with us his famous recipe for “Agave Way” a refreshing sweet and spicy tequila based drink. Also, check out his blog, The Santa Fe Barman where he writes about latest cocktail trends, recipes and the nightlife in Santa Fe.

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Agave Way

5 Black Grapes

1/2 oz Lime juic

1/4 oz Agave syrup (3:1 agave nectar and water)

1 smaill slice of New Mexico Green or Anaheim Chile

2 oz reposado tequila

Instructions: Muddle grapes, Chile agave and lime in a mixing glass.  Add tequila and ice then shake for 10-12 seconds.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a grape and Chile ring.