Farm to table restaurants are old school. Make room for Farm-to-Spas! A leader in this concept, Cynthea’s Spa in downtown Burlington, Vermont totally grabbed my attention with their one-of-a-kind Farm-to-table spa treatments.

Located directly on the bustling shopping and retail Church Street, Cynthea’s Spa was established by Cynthea Hausman. Services include facials, massages, scrubs, waxing and more.

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Before you start your farm-to-table treatment, you are given a choice of ingredients to make your own scrub. These are local, sustainable ingredients that are grown on family farms across Vermont.  Cynthea’s Spa partnered with the Intervale Community Farm, a thriving member-owned farm in its 21st season of growing organic produce in the heart of Burlington, Vermont as well as several other growers in the area.

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As a guest at the spa, you are invited to pick your blend, based on your mood, or perhaps where you want to channel your energy to. Options of ingredients include Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Seasonal Farm Fresh Fruit, Herbs, Flowers, Raw Honey, Chocolate, Coffee, Apples, Pith and Pulp from the Wine making process with Healing Essential oils blended together. Each of the ingredients serve a different purpose. For example rose petals clean out your heart chakra and coffee stimulates your body. Guests receive a bowl where they can add any number of flowers, herbs and oils. No combination is out of bounds!

Next on the Farm to Spa experience is a full body exfoliation using fresh ingredients blended with Dead Sea Salts and oils. Experienced professionals gently massages the scrub on your body, then wrap you in warm blankets allowing the salts to soak in. The result is a soft glowing skim from head to toe.

Cynthea spaNext time you want to escape to the Vermont countryside, make sure to enjoy the locally grown products in a handcrafted spa experience as well.

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