Destination Dinners

Whether it’s wonderful South African Inspired Cuisine in a restaurant downtown Charlottesville, one of the Mexican food stands, or the Japanese fusion restaurants, there are so many different flavours and dining experiences across the US. Each month, Go Eat Give organizes and hosts a Destination Dinner at a local restaurant to highlight a country’s culture and raise awareness of its unique features and attributes. We showcase restaurants that serve authentic cuisine from the country, speakers that share knowledge of the country’s customs and practices, and artists that educate participants on the local culture.

Our GOALS with the Destination Dinners is to…

  • Showcase the cultural diversity of the city. We work with consulates, cultural and professional associations from ALL nations to create a platform for learning about each other.
  • Educate diners about ethnic foods and support minority owned restaurants.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion and talk about current issues impacting our global community.
  • Enjoy international music and dance performed by local artists.
  • Create meaningful interaction between citizens of different nationalities, religions and backgrounds living in the same area.
  • Remove unjust stereotypes and cultural perceptions.
  • Offer an intimate environment to network with global citizens.
Destination India at Bhojanic Atlanta. Sponsored by Air India. Keynote Dr Jagadish Sheth of Emory University.
Destination India at Bhojanic Atlanta. Sponsored by Air India. Keynote Dr Jagadish Sheth of Emory University.


What attendees are saying?

“Attending the Destination events has definitely made me more aware of the issues other countries face. Sometimes we don’t hear in media or through our social circles bout other countries and what are the true needs of the general population. These events have intrigued my interest in wanting to visit the countries and give back in any shape or form possible.”

“The speakers have really opened my eyes to what’s going on in other countries that I have never visited.”

“I have been surprised several times by the presence of community from so many lesser-known communities here in Atlanta.”

View pictures from past events…

Go Eat Give Destination Dinners are largely supported by the local community, businesses and tourism agencies. Benefits of sponsorship include..

Increase community ties and create global connections.

Build awareness of your company’s brand.

Attract new customers and generate increased sales.

Create and strengthen customer loyalty.

Earn tax incentives through contributions.

Engage in meaningful philanthropy.

Be a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Contact info@goeatgive to learn how you can sponsor a Destination Dinner in your area.

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