Go Eat Give’s first monthly cultural awareness event was held at Imperial Fez restaurant last night, and it was a huge success! While the Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed at the restaurant, we had our own private section in a royal Moroccan tent-like setting. As twenty-five or so sat on comfortable cushions and low over sized chairs, we discussed our mutual passion for food and travel, while enjoying some of Atlanta’s finest Moroccan fare.

The evening kicked off with Chef Rafih Benjelloun giving a talk about the history of food and how people tend to come together over the dinner table. He stated that he firmly believed in the mission of Go Eat Give, i.e. connecting people through palates, and has always supported causes that further this mission. Rafih cited funny and emotional moments of how many diners judge a culture without actually understanding it, and events like this can help them get out of their comfort zones and learn about the diverse cuisines our world has to offer. He himself was born in Fez, Morocco and opened Imperial Fez in 1991. The restaurant has been named Atlanta’s “Best Romantic Restaurant” and “Best Decor” by Atlanta Magazine. Rafih has also made appearances on The Food Network and Bon Appétit magazine, and has served at the James Beard House.

Chef Rafih cooks from the heart and he doesn’t hold back. He prepared a delicious 6-course menu for us, which included olives, bread, harirra, variety of Moroccan salads, chicken B’stella,  a choice of entree – apricot and cornish hen tajine, roasted lamb, tilapia tajine, and fresh fruits, pastry and Moroccan tea for dessert. It was truly a feast! Between courses we enjoyed belly dancing performances to some hit Arabic and Bollywood tunes. A few people even got up and showed us their moves!

Go Eat Give features a different country every month to bring you the authentic experience of a foreign land. We include traditional food, speakers and fun activities. Join us for Destination Lebanon in September.

Take a look at the event photographs by Peter Nguyen