Join me at the the first ever Atlanta Chef Expo 2012 on Sunday, February 19 at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. It is going to be one big food village where local chefs will demonstrate and serve their favorite recipes to the public.

Just as a well designer village is broken into avenues, the expo has a category for every palate. The Restaurant Row” will feature local Atlanta restaurants, “Catering Alley” will have catering companies that are independent or associated with a venue, “The Sugar Shack” for pastry chef’s and bakery’s and “The Chef’s table” for private or independent chef’s. Where else can you find Wolfgang Puck Catering, Aqua Blue and Honeysuckle Gelato all under one roof? There is also going to be cooking competitions, vodka tasting, live music and much more.

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Here’s why I want you to come. The event is held to support Susan G. Komen of Greater Atlanta. A portion of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research through the organization. If you have known a friend or family member who suffered breast cancer, you know what a painful experience it is and this is a tiny step we can take towards the research efforts. By attending Atlanta Chef Expo, you are not only able to help breast cancer patients, you will also support the local chefs and their businesses. To top it all, it’s going to be really fun walking down all those avenues tasting delicacies from different cuisines.

Tickets are only $25 and available online. I will be at the Bloggers Lounge so do come say hi.

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