There are lots of unique destinations and beautiful places around the world to spend Valentine’s day, an anniversary or a romantic getaway. But none of them come close to the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada. I am saying that because I woke up there this morning and felt like I have been transported into another world.

Last night, my husband and I checked into the Hotel de Glace meaning ice hotel located just outside Quebec City. With 36 bedrooms, a chapel, bar, lounge and slides, this one is the largest ice hotel in the world.  There are outdoor Jacuzzis and sauna the couples can use to heat their bodies while dazing into the starlight sky.

After that you can go into the ice bar, get some colorful cocktails that match the decor of the rooms and dance late into the night. If you prefer something sober, there are activities such a treasure hunt and ice carving that the guests can indulge in.

In spite of the layers of clothing we had to wear to keep ourselves warm (it was -20C outside and -5 inside the room), it was very quiet and romantic. There were candles lit in our room where sleeping bags await us. The contrast of winter white walls, clear ice beds, colorful backdrop lights against the delicately carved murals created by award winning artists – all was a great sight for the senses.

There were suits and chambers in the ice hotel, each one with a different theme and layout. Some have an ice bed shaped traditionally, others like a circle or a star. The romantic suite has a king size circular bed, a sitting area, a fireplace and private spa. Many people come from around the world to propose to their beloveds, have a romantic getaway or even a wedding.

In fact, the non denominational chapel at the ice hotel has already hosted 24 wedding so far this season. The wedding planners at the hotel can arrange everything from flowers and dinner to a winter wedding dress for the couple.

An architectural splendor and Perhaps not something you would do every chance you get, but a stay at Hotel de Glace is once in a lifetime experience that every couple should consider doing.

Hotel de Glace, Canada is open only from January to March after which it melts away.

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