Barcelona based acclaimed chocolatier, Enric Rovira is famous for  drawing inspiration from the beautiful shapes and line designs of Antoni Gaudí, into more edible pieces of art. It is amazing to see how he takes the forms from famous structures such as Gaudi and turns them into sculptures made of chocolate.

Here are some of the famous Gaudi building that I visited in Barcelona and some chocolate art that reminded me of them. Enjoy!

Enric Rovira Chocolates


Park Guell

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Segrada Familia

Enric Rovira Chocolates

Top of Casa Batllo

Inside Casa Batllo

Enric Rovira Chocolates

Enric Rovira’ s work was also featured on The Travel Channel by Anthony Bourdain’s of No Reservations . Watch the episode. To continue the mouth watering visual journey or make your sweet temptations a reality, visit ER’s website.