If you are looking for travel inspiration and want to start planning your next trip, the first virtual travel issue of the Alliance’s AllWays Traveller’s Journal is out. I’m sure you have lots of websites, emails and magazines enticing you to travel when it is safe to do so.

How to Use Digital Travel Magazines To Plan Your Trip

I personally find it easier to bookmark links, highlight content, and save notes off digital magazines, than printed ones. These often stack up in a corner and I never know where I read about a certain resort in northern Norway I wanted to visit! I keep a notes folder on my Mac, for Travel Research by country or place that I may have read about and may be interested in traveling to. Here I save info and dates about important festivals, sample itineraries, names of restaurants or dishes I want to try, and links to hotels and tour companies. And since the Notes sync digitally, I can add info to each country tab from my phone as I am speaking to a friend and getting recommendations.

Try this yourself. It will save you a lot of time when you are ready to book your trip!

Now Your Free Magazine

As AllWays Traveller is a beautiful consumer travel magazine produced by the International Travel Writers Alliance, that you can download below for free. The overriding aims of the International Travel Writers Alliance are to:

· inspire others to broaden their horizons (not just by traveling)

· encourage diversity, cultural difference and national identity

· champion indigenous populations and local communities

· embrace environmental and sustainability initiatives

The editor, Ann Mealor will be delighted if you could share this issue with your family, friends and colleagues as well.