Research has proven that travel is good for your health and well being. While you may be on a staycation right now, this is the best time to spark your wanderlust and start planning your next trip. Here are a few ways you can keep learning about the world, get ideas for your next destination, and support the community.

Take a Virtual Trip

Spring Equinox in Malta
Watch Live streams on Facebook

Many museums, concert halls, aquariums, and zoos are offering free virtual visits so you can enjoy the best views from your living room. You can also live-stream events that are canceled to the public, such as Heritage Malta Spring Equinox Live Stream. This event marks the special relationship between the temples and the seasons. You can witness the spring equinox online as the first rays of the sun project themselves through the main doorway of the southern Mnajdra temples. Isn’t that cool?

Earnings from The Tour Guy’s new Interactive Virtual Tours go directly towards keeping the passionate tour guides working, and making a living doing what they love the most.

Satisfy your wanderlust with Virtual Tours Around the World

Try different Cuisines

Indian Street food from Chai Pani Decatur
Order Indian street food from Chai Pani Decatur

Another great way to learn about a country you plan to visit is through its cuisine. Order contact-free take out or delivery, from neighborhood restaurants serving ethnic food. Try new dishes that you may have not tasted before. Often times, these are mom and pop eateries that survive with very little cash flow, so they will welcome any patronage. You can also buy gift cards from restaurants to support small businesses, satisfying your wanderlust, and supporting the community at the same time.

Get Wine to Your Doorstep

12 Spieas Wine Vineyard
12 Spies Vineyard

You can’t walk around vineyards, but you can still do a wine tour. Cheers on virtual happy hours with carefully selected international wines from family-run wineries. Many wine clubs (including Macy’s Cellar) and vineyards deliver handpicked selection of finest wines from all over the world right to your door. They also include descriptions so you can sound like a real wine connoisseur at your next party!

Use code “12spies” for free shipping on orders from Georgia-based 12 Spies Vineyards.

Camp Out

Backyard campouts
Traveling to the yard can be a nice change

If you have a backyard or patio, camp out, and create a sense of adventure. Play the guitar, roast s’ mores on the fire, and cookout on the grill. Set up your travel atmosphere with background music, such as waterfalls or chirping bird sounds. You can also download an astronomy app to see the night sky where you’re at. Or you can fall asleep to the sounds of travel stories here.

However, if you’re out grilling and roasting marshmallows on your deck often, it could be a prudent idea to get a professional decking services sydney, or wherever you reside, to get it thoroughly cleaned! Being an outdoor extension of your house, it too deserves all the TLC (tender love and care, duh!).

Watch and Learn

Watch a foreign movie

If you are going to be in front of the screen, use this time to watch movies and tv shows based in different countries. I just watched ‘Top End Wedding’ and added a few places to my list for my next visit to Australia!

Watch this 360-degree virtual reality movie experience of Japan, featuring scenes throughout the country. You can see the sculptures of Naoshima, breathtaking bamboo forests, Geisha performances, sumo wrestling and sushi making.

Read and Listen

Children satisfying their wanderlust by reading beato goes to books
Read Beato Goes To books

If you have an iTunes account, you can download hundreds of free podcasts on destinations, travel hacks, trends and more. Personally, I enjoy listening to stories of locals, of how they live and what they believe in. For example “Life in Australia” podcast explores the lives of young refugees living in Australia.

Satisfy your wanderlust by reading Beato goes to Indonesia

Reading also helps curve my wanderlust, by just imagining what it’s like to live in or travel to other countries. I always pick up an interesting fiction or non-fiction book (not guidebook) about a country I am going to visit, because it gets me totally immersed in my new atmosphere.

You can visualize places through the colorful illustrations in ‘Beato Goes To‘ series of children’s books, authored by me, and based on actual photos I have taken during my trips.

Have a Laugh

Learn accents from professional vocal coach Madeleine Harvey

One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is videos of people talking in different accents. It gives me a chance to learn a new phrase or slang, and helps me understand people better when I go visit that country. Plus, it is really fun to practice out loud!