I have always admired Megan Schiebe and all that she stands for. From traveling the world, having a show on Blog Talk radio, volunteering abroad and supporting charities, to being on the runways of Paris, she has done it all! Megan recently launched her own line of travel and messenger bags.

MJ Schiebe was born out of necessity and convenience. Megan started designing these bags due to her busy work and travel schedule hopping from one country to the next for work, as well as traveling to the most exotic beaches in the world to pursue her passion for surfing. She realized that there was not a style-savvy enough bag on the market that was could securely hold her gadgets in place, with some extra room to pack for a weekend getaway, and stow under the tiny airplane seat. She came up with the Travel and Adventure series of bags in blue, brown, pink and black, where each of them tell a different story.

Basically, you want to get the new MJ Schiebe bag, if you don’t want to check-in and pay airline baggage fees since they are easy to carry. Laptops, iPods and e-readers go with you everywhere? Not a problem! Every pocket is well thought out for that very purpose. And if unique, retro looking designs are your thing, then MJ Schiebe is the bag for you.

Besides travel, I think MJ Schiebe bags make great back-to-school gifts. With sturdy compartments for books, music and keys, students can flaunt their new look on campus.

Megan also continues to give back to the community through her brand. She says, “I firmly believe that if more people got involved with their communities both locally and internationally and discovered their positive contributions, it would allow one to see daily life events from a completely different perspective.” She wants to educate her customers that giving back is just as adventurous as that next exotic location you’re traveling to.

Until August 8, 2013, 7% of all of sales of Pink travel bags will be donated to The Susan G. Komen Austin and GlobalGiving.org.

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