Lunch and Learn

Go Eat Give hosts Lunch and Learn programs to educate the public on current topics that affect citizens around the world. Our insightful speakers provide an opportunity to discuss important issues in an intimate setting.

language of conflict

In 2015, Go Eat Give partnered with The Atlantic Institute to present a series of programs aiming at education of the Islamic culture. Topics and speakers included…

  • The Language of Conflict. A panel discussion on how to discuss how everyday people can talk about conflict with cultural, political and religious sensitivity. Panelists included Hrair Balian, Director of Conflict Resolution program at The Carter Center; Dr. Mustafa Gokhan Sahin, Director of Academic Affairs at Atlantic Institute Atlanta; Dr Abbas Barzegar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies at Georgia State University; Dr. Lance R. Askildson, Ph.D. Vice-Provost & Chief International Officer at Kennesaw State University.
  • Islam and Sufism – Being in Peace. Discussing the commonalities and difference between Islam and Sufi religions. Presented by Kemal Korucu, Vice President and Board Member of Istanbul Center and Atlantic Institute.
  • Women in Islam. Azizah Kahera, COO for Azizah magazine broke down commonly held stereotypes and misconceptions about the role of Muslim women in societies across the world.
  • Muslim Contributions to Civilization. Exploring the various aspects of culture and knowledge which Muslims contributed to over the centurings, including food, clothing, furniture, music, architecture, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, and more. Presented by Ms. Fairyal Halim from the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.

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