One of the places you must visit in Havana, is the community project of Cuban artist,  José Rodriguez Fuster. Located in the northwestern part of Havana, the town of Jaimanitas can also be known as Fusterlandia.

Fusterlandia is a life-size studio, residence and community project of Fuster. Inspired by Gaudi, Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet, and Brancusi, Fuster decided to us his neighborhood as canvas. Her covered the roofs, walls, doorways and benches, stretching for blocks around the epicentre of his studio enclave, with brightly coloured sculptures and mosaics. Over 80 homes have so far participated, allowing Fuster to redecorate, if you will, with mermaids, fishes, palm trees, roosters, saints and quotations.


Jose Fuster’s home and studio


“’I wanted my studio to be a place where I could live with art. That was always my illusion, my idea. And I think, little by little, it became a reality.” Fuster uses his own money — money he makes from selling his paintings and sculptures — back into the community, redecorating his neighbour’s houses, incorporating them into Fusterlandia. “This project is not only about my house. It’s about my neighbour’s houses. My neighbors are great people.” Fuster has a small art studio at his home and he hold exhibitions around the world.


Go Eat Give also left a mark at Fusterlandia. As part of our volunteer vacation to Cuba, we worked at one of the walls murals. We used cement mixture, broke up large tiles and strategically placed them creating this beautiful art work which depicts a cock, signifying new life. It was very hot and sunny, but Go Eat Give volunteers worked diligently to make sure Fuster and his son, Alex are proud of our contribution.

josefuster7josefuster5Join our next trip to Cuba to visit and volunteer at Fusterlandia.