Bali is revered for its lush tropical magnificence, its harmony-inspired customs, culture and arts and its breathtaking natural scenery. The book and movie, Eat Pray Love hasn’t done any harm to the island’s status as a romantic tourist attraction, but not all individuals want to write a book in isolation and wait for someone or something to find them as a way to find themselves.

A new conscious-tourist experience in Ubud- Bali’s exotic arts and spiritual center-is attracting a different kind of luxury traveler. Each time my husband and I have enjoyed a BaliSpirit Retreat we feel the longlasting effects of rejuvenation, relaxation, inspiration, and transformation. Not only a destination for arts, Ubud is exploding as one of Asia’s top holistic locations – and from these foundations has arisen BaliSpirit -a hub for a unique travel experience that merges quality nutrition, optimal health and wellness practices and the best of what Bali offers.

BaliSpirit’s personalized wellness and detox retreats give travelers the opportunity to take things at their own pace. Each program tailored based on personal goals and needs, so says Pappenheim. “This is about putting each guest’s priorities first,” says Charley Patton, Partner of the Yoga Barn, Ubud’s grandest and most historic yoga and wellness center and host to BaliSpirit’s wellness and detox retreats. “Everything on offer is completely optional and tailored to the individual’s private schedule and needs.”

Yoga Barn has a full menu of options—16 classes a day, seven days a week at four separate open-air yoga studio spaces, a wide variety of yoga styles, a new holistic health and detox center with a nutritionist, naturopath, and acupuncturist onsite, an Ayurvedic clinic with massage and spa services, an outdoor deck and amphitheater, ecstatic dance, sound therapy, a health restaurant/café, and shop are all on premises.

BaliSpirit has partnered with dozens of Ubud’s most successful conscious businesses to enhance their retreat package offerings– including eco-friendly luxury resorts like the five star Ubud Village, where guests can stay as part of their retreat program.

“This is the only experience that can best merge modern living with good health, and immersion and appreciation of local culture.” Says native Balinese CoFounder of BaliSpirit, Gunarta, who sits on several local community and charity boards.

~ By guest writer, Shervin Boloorian who has personally experienced Bali multiple times and helps organizes tours through BaliSpirits

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