Oak Grover neighborhood restaurant, Sprig Atlanta gets my vote for delicious food with a sense of purpose. During all my travels, I look out for restaurant that have a unique concept or differentiate themselves in some way or the other. With a strong emphasis on nutrition and sustainability, many of them are using locally sourced and farm to table ingredients these days. Recently reviewed Bistro de Clocher Penche claims their meat is raised within walking distance.

Well stocked cocktail & wine bar at Sprig

Sprig restaurant in Atlanta offers upscale southern-fusion dining with most ingredients sourced from within Georgia. They also get a few items from other states but try to keep it as local as possible. Sprig is a proud supporter of local businesses and even displays some of their names on their bar. Some of these include Johnston Family Farms and Southern Cheese Please. Farm trucks visit the parking lot once a week where residents can also stock up on their produce supplies.

Menu changes seasonally & the drinks are paired accordingly

Everything served on the menu is made from scratch, in house (including pickles and relishes).

Pan seared trout w/lemon parsley speaetzle

Menu items include traditional Southern dishes such as boiled peanuts, fried pickles, pimento cheese, pork sandwiches, fried chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes as well as many contemporary items.  Owner Anthony Tiberia brings a hint of his Italian heritage with him which influences some of the dishes on the menu. Nowhere else in Atlanta will you find a beet risotto or lamb stroganoff.

Airplane fried chicken with mac n cheese & green beans

Chef Britt Cloud likes to deceive you. The cured salmonis cured on premises, diced with tomatoes and drizzled with chive infused olive oil. You wouldn’t know what you are lifting with your fork until your taste buds hit it.

Cured salmon with tomatoes, avocado & beets

Staying true to it’s roots, everything is prepared with lots of love and a flair of the south. The green beans have the smokiness of ham while a light coarse corn bread is served with bacon jelly. I have been told that the bacon jelly is going to make its way into a multi-layer pork sandwich which is a must try. Even the service here is southern-inspired. Everyone has smiles on their faces and happy to have a conversation.

Home style corn bread with bacon jelly

Even the desserts have character and stand out from other restaurants’. The chocolate tart has a cookie crust and is served with a black pepper ice cream. The cheesecakelooks like a tart with a thin layer of cream cheese, a nutty base and caramel praline topping. This is the true south but sassier!

Chocolate tart w/black pepper ice cream

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Sprig is how they serve the local community. Tiberia chose the location of the restaurant because he wanted to offer a great neighborhood dining option to the residents who didn’t want to drive out to Decatur or Buckhead. Families can get a quick bite to eat or have a date night out while the babysitter is at home. No wonder the restaurant is packed even on weeknights.

Cheesecake w/ caramel pecan topping

The other way Sprig serves the community is by partnering with Dekalb County schools Farm to School program. Farm to School connects schools (K-12) and local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities, and supporting local and regional farmers. Sprig hosts dinners at the restaurant where they let the students try delicious and healthy meals. Most kids refrain from vegetables, so Tiberia makes it a point to educate the students about what is locally grown, how it’s cooked and what it tastes like.

Next on Sprig’s agenda is to start an organic garden adjacent to the restaurant where school kids can watch the vegetables grow. They will be able to help out with planting and harvesting, as well as enjoy the delicacies Chef Cloud turns them into.

Sprig Atlanta
2860 LaVista Rd,
Decatur, GA 30033