The Galičnik Wedding Festival is an annual festival held in the Macedonian village of Galičnik, in which a selected couple gets married in the traditional “Galička” style wedding. Traditionally the wedding lasted for 5 days with the main activities on St. Peter‘s Day (12 July) every year. It was the only period of the year when couples got married. […]

Macedonia’s Galichnik Wedding Festival

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The national dish of the Republic of Macedonia is called Tavče gravče. It is a stew made of lentils and spices served in traditional earthenware. Ćevapi (kebab chi) are mini-kebabs made with ground beef and grilled without skewers. They are served with chopped onions, salad and pita style bread. Generally, 5-10 kebabs are served on an individual plate. Cevapi is a popular late-night […]

What to eat in Macedonia?

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Just a few miles outside Ohrid, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Macedonia, is the Monastery of Saint Naum. The monastery overlooks the pristine Lake Ohrid, that borders with northwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania. One can drive around the lake in under thirty minutes or take a day cruise aboard a ferry to visit […]

Blessed by Saint Naum

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