The national dish of the Republic of Macedonia is called Tavče gravče. It is a stew made of lentils and spices served in traditional earthenware.

Tavče gravče

Ćevapi (kebab chi) are mini-kebabs made with ground beef and grilled without skewers. They are served with chopped onions, salad and pita style bread. Generally, 5-10 kebabs are served on an individual plate. Cevapi is a popular late-night snack in Skopje.


Polneti Piperki is green bell peppers stuffed with rice and meat and baked in the oven.

Polneti Piperki

Ajvar is a type of dip made with roasted red bell peppers and garlic. Sometimes, eggplant and chili peppers are added. It is also served as a side dish or starter with bread. Preparing Ajvar is a tradition in Macedonia and households often compete on who makes the best one!


Pinđur is another dip made with eggplants and roasted peppers. It is served as a side or with bread for dipping.


Turli tava (vegetable and meat stew) is made with potatoes, rice, okra, eggplant, carrots, peppers, pork, beef or lamb. The ingredients are mixed, topped with cheese and baked in an oven in a traditional pottery dish (known as tava).

Turli tava

Börek is a flaky pie stuffed with cheese, mincer meat or vegetables. A large pie is first baked in the oven and cut into serving size pieces. Influenced by Turkish cuisine, Borek is a delicious recipe prepared at homes throughout Macedonia.


Zelnik is similar to Borek, but the crust resembles more of a phyllo than pie. It is also stuffed with meat, spinach or cabbage and served warm with yogurt.

Pljeskavica also known as hamburger is basically a meat patty made with a mixture of lamb, pork, beef or veal. It is not served like a typical burger between buns, rather open faced with salad, flat bread and sliced grilled onions.


Tulumba is a popular dessert found in pastry shops across the Balkans. It is a similar to a tube shaped doughnut batter, deep fried and soaked in heavy sugar syrup.


Turkish delight or Lokum is available grocery stores and confections and makes for good gifts to bring back home. The texture of Lokum is similar to gelatin but much firmer. It is made with starch, sugar, nuts and flavoring such as lemon, rose, orange, etc. It is dusted with powdered sugar and served with hot tea.

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