Visit legendary Evita in Buenos Aires

You may have heard of the political activist Eva Peron, watched the Broadway musical or movie “Evita” or perhaps heard the famous song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” which was beautifully sung by Madonna. Eva Peron left a legendary impact on the history of Argentina, and no visit to Buenos Aires is complete without visiting Museo Evita. The Evita Museum is housed in a mansion constructed for the Carabassa family during the first decade of the 20th century and Hogar de Tránsito (Temporary Home) #2, a shelter for women and children with no resources in 1948. Continue reading “Visit legendary Evita in Buenos Aires”

Timeless Fashion from Italy

Italy has long established itself as the fashion capital of the world. Many famous designers and name brands have originated from Italy and spread their fashions around the world putting their own spin on timeless pieces like the silver wrist watch whilst also releasing cutting edge designs. It is not surprising then that the first Gucci museum in the world opened in Florence in September 2011 at the famous Piazza della Signoria. Continue reading “Timeless Fashion from Italy”

The birthplace of Gelato

We owe it to Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani, the two brothers who spread gelato technology, culture, and business throughout the world. They have played a huge role in the evolution and reach of gelato over the last century. This can be traced at the newly opened Carpigiani Gelato Museum, just outside of Bologna in Italy. The museum is located at the current Carpigiani world headquarters, which also houses Carpigiani University, showrooms and a test kitchen. Continue reading “The birthplace of Gelato”