Italy has long established itself as the fashion capital of the world. Many famous designers and name brands have originated from Italy and spread their fashions around the world putting their own spin on timeless pieces like the silver wrist watch whilst also releasing cutting edge designs. It is not surprising then that the first Gucci museum in the world opened in Florence in September 2011 at the famous Piazza della Signoria.

Gucci’s story began in Florence in 1921 when Guccio Gucci founded the company which bore his name and which would go on to become a global powerhouse whose indisputable appeal transcends all ages and cultural backgrounds. The Gucci brand stands on the belief of coupling creativity of the past as inspiration for future enterprise, and investing in timeless long-lasting values.

Three floors of the museum take you on a journey through the historical evolution of Gucci’s fame and fortunes. There are different sections on clothes, shoes, luggage, housewares and more, each telling a story of the decade and its people. It will probably inspire you to get a Gucci Shoes Replica as the designs are so breathtaking, but vintage pieces like these will cost even more than those you see on the catwalk. It is also noticeable that the traditional Gucci designs have kept their popularity through a good number of decades. The classic moccasin, the Flora scarf, G symbol, horseshoes, red and green strips are still seen in today’s Gucci fashions as they have for many years.

Many of these pieces are available for sale at the museum’s Icon store. The Gucci cafe located at the ground floor of the museum is a hip place to sip a coffee while turning the pages of fashion. The bookstore and cafe carry a wide selection of books on fashion and lifestyle that patrons can enjoy and carry home. And don’t forget the pair of boots to take home as souvenirs from the Gucci museum store!

Admission to the Gucci Museo is 6 Euros and 50% of each ticket sale benefits the City of Florence to help preserve and restore the city’s signature art treasures.