Sedona is a magical place, and when I learned that there was going to be a yoga festival taking place in Sedona, I immediately signed up! This was actually the fifth annual Sedona Yoga Festival which generally takes place in February/ March time frame. The festival lasts for 4-days and includes over 200 workshops on […]

Ten Things I Learned at The Sedona Yoga Festival

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Do you know the difference between ecotourism, sustainable travel, responsible travel, and volunteer vacationing? While there is a lot of overlap with each of these terms, they all have one common theme – that is to improve lives through travel and tourism. On a recent Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia through international nonprofit, Go Eat Give, I […]

The Many Faces of Sustainable Tourism – My Week in Bali

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Allow us to introduce you to the KarmaRu ($89) from GoRoll™, the first portable, lockable and waterproof foam roller that ensures a secure place for valuables. A standout feature is GoRoll’s lockable lid fastens to the bottom of the foam roller, allowing for the storage of larger items, including a yoga mat! The KarmaRu features […]

Portable Locker for Yogis

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Divya Sarin and Friend on a Yogi camping trip

There exist several well-documented examples demonstrating that one week of camping sans electronics, not only resets our biological body clock but also synchronizes Melatonin (a hormone) production with sunrise and sunset. Armed with the knowledge of these studies, ventured into the outdoors, and into the very lap of nature. Though I am an avid Yoga […]

Into the Wild: The Yogi’ Who Ventured Into the Outdoors

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