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Enter a charming Midtown neighborhood restaurant with modern atmosphere. Be tempted by a large wooden bar screaming innovative cocktails and divine aroma rising from an open kitchen. Headed by the visions, passions and inspirations of restauranteurs Darren Carr and Patrick LaBouff, The Lawrence is their latest venture after the success of Top Flr, Sound Table, and Dinner Party Atlanta.

The bar menu is created by Atlanta’s well know mixologists, Eric Simpkins. He developed the program at Trois and then helped open Drinkshop. Fresh herbs, homemade syrups and top shelf liquors are used as cocktail ingredients. The wine menu is exhaustive, but you can also bring your own bottle for a $25 corking fee. Needless to say, the bar at The Lawrence is a great hangout for happy-hours well into late nights. Oh and they also serve afternoon tea!

Lady Lawrence
Lady Lawrence

When the restaurant first opened, it received average reviews on its food. But Chef Mark Nanna has upped the ante adding a New Age twist to traditional southern fare. The menu is concise featuring snacks, cheese, small plates and a handful of entrees. Quality, not quantity is the kitchen’s mantra here.

Every single dish is prepared with careful consideration to textures, flavors and versatility that will WOW your senses. Starting with a delicately cut tuna tartare under a dome of crispy thin rice cake, melt in your mouth crab cakes with an apple Brussels slaw moving your way to curried cauliflower with raisins and cashews, you will find elements of surprise in every bite.

Curried cauliflower with raisins and cashews
Curried cauliflower with raisins and cashews

Brisket braised to perfection and an opaque pink King Salmon fillet show some culinary finesse. Even a simple pan seared chicken breast deserves an applaud when it sits on a not-too-cheesy crawfish mac-and-cheese and braised kale.

A roasted half head of cauliflower steak entree turns heads as the waitress takes it to deserving veggie lovers. Who knew cauliflower could taste so good?

Contrary to perception, sweet potato cheesecake with cornbread crust and burnt marshmallow makes for a mesmerizing dessert. The addage, “life is too short, eat dessert first” should strictly be applied when dining at The Lawrence.

Sweet potato cheesecake
Sweet potato cheesecake

The Lawrence is perhaps one of the most community oriented restaurants in Atlanta. Weekly, The Lawrence celebrates “Tuesday Relief,” where they donate a portion of Tuesday’s dinner proceeds to a local charity.

Join Go Eat Give for dinner or drinks at The Lawrence on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 from 6-11pm. Click here to RSVP.

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