Travel legend Arthur Frommers shared with the audience his thoughts on latest travel trends at the Travel and Adventure Show in Washington DC last weekend. He said people are now traveling farther, faster and for longer periods of time. With air travel becoming more mainstream, many discounted airlines have opened up. Sure, comfort and convenience may often be compromised, but you can get to more places for less money. He cited Ryan Air, a popular choice of transport for those looking for air-taxi service across Europe. You can actually fly on Ryan Air from one country to another at the same price as taking a taxi to the airport. Just carry hand luggage, bring your own lunch and prepare to sit in close quarters with your neighbors.

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Arthur Frommers and Sucheta Rawal

Mr. Frommers also mentioned Spirit Air that advertises $9 one-way fares to its members. The ultra low cost carrier flies across USA, Bahamas, Caribbean and to Columbia. The Spirit Air web site is a good place to find last minute deals for as low as $38.

For lodging, Mr Frommers discussed the new trends that allow people to stay in homes vs hotels. During his recent trip to Puerto Rico, Mr Frommers and his wife, Roberta rented a house for a week and enjoyed a relaxing time on the beach. Home Away, Vacation Rental by Owner and Air bnb offer selection of rooms and houses for rent from 1 day to 1 month across the world. Generally, rentals are much cheaper than staying at hotels. You will not get the same amenities of the hotel, but it is a cost effective way for families to travel.

Mr Frommer suggested that you save the money on airfare and lodging, and spend it on dining. He likes to explore the cuisine of the places he visits by eating at restaurants that the locals dine at, as well as those endorsed by celebrity guests. He mentioned eating a sandwich that President Obama favored in Puerto Rico.

At 80+ years of age, Arthur Frommer remains one of the most popular travel writers, publishers and consumer advocates in the history of American travel. He is the founder of the Frommer’s series of travel guides and Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine. He has published many books for budget-conscious travelers and has been one of America’s foremost budget travel authorities since the 1950s.