While walking down the streets in Manhattan yesterday, my eyes were magically drawn towards rows of colorful teeny tiny sugary treats against the backdrop of a stork white store. With the doors wide open inviting me in, I was intrigued and had to look closely at what I was seeing. There were cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes. These very colorful, tiny, piece of art cupcakes!

Melissa Bushell, the founder of Baked by Melissa questioned why should one settle for only one dessert and not have them all? So she ingeniously invented “mini cupcakes” which would satisfy the sweet-lovers appetite for a variety of flavors without packing all those extra calories. (See how tiny it is?)

When you walk into the store, it feels like an art gallery. With 12 flavors to chose from, you actually don’t really have to chose. A dozen of these mini melt-in-your-mouth in one bite cupcakes cost only $10. Or if you are really the decisive kinds, you can get 3 for $3, or 6 cupcakes for $5.50. Whatever you choose – cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, red velvet, smores, or tie-dye…you will not be disappointed! The cake is fresh and the icing not too sweet. The entire concoction is just enough for you to be able to enjoy the layers of flavors an d still satisfy your sweet tooth.

The cupcakes are individually suspended in a small white box. You wouldn’t want to carry your precision art any other way.

They have three stores in New York City and ship nationwide. Did I mention you can create your own cupcake at Baked by Melissa‘s web site? There are 10k submissions on the web site to get you inspired.