Fondazione Florens has picked six international bloggers to go to Florence this November as part of the official ‘Team Florens’ including Sucheta Rawal, of Go Eat Give from Atlanta, GA! A number of Italian publications are calling Go Eat Give “one of the most influential blogs on culture in the world” and are very excited to receive the acclaimed writers in Florence, Italy next month.

A Call for Bloggers who write about the fields of culture, economy and sustainability, was issued in June: 72 candidates from 11 countries participated by writing articles on themes suggested by Fondazione Florens. Interest was expressed by bloggers of all ages from the United States, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Israel, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, and South Korea.

Florens 2012 Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week, to be held in Florence, Italy this November 3-11, is an international biennial that explores how cultural identity and production can generate economy. The 2010 edition involved 400 speakers and approximately 200,000 participants.

From very diverse origins, the six winners each have one thing in common: a love of communicating what’s important to them and a capacity to engage their readers. They include Jenna Francisco, a university professor who has lived in many countries around the world and has written about sustainable tourism in Brazil for her winning application; Ted Nguyen, a California-based communications and PR professional; Sucheta Rawal, founder of the nonprofit movement, Go Eat Give; Simone Massi, a student of archaeology in Rome; UK-born marketing consultant, Nathalie Salas who lives in Venice and Hasan Niyazi, a physiotherapist of Turkish origin and resident of Australia.