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Into the wild : Yogi who camped and hiked

There exist several well documented examples demonstrating that one week of camping sans electronics, not only resets our biological body clock but also synchronizes melatonin (hormone) production with sunrise and sunset.

camping in north GA Armed with the knowledge of these studies, I decided to undertake a camping trip, in the midst of wilderness and in the very lap of nature. Although, the move was prompted by a very dear friend of mine, Andrea, coupled with my own notions of the universe, and its role in every life, was compelling enough for me to take up this challenge.

We decided to camp at The Desoto Falls located off Highway 129. The drive itself instigated me to surrender to the bounty of nature and the wilderness which nourished my soul. I believe that camping is a silent form of adventure, which brings clarity to mind as well as allows the soul to soak in the positivity around. For me, it is a stress buster, wherein, I can be myself and enjoy my surroundings without worrying about the every day mundane tasks.

Divya Sarin

Deciding the campsite, setting up the tents, arranging food and starting the camp fire, requires immense strength. Yet, despite the strenuous tasks, our bodies oozed energy like never before and our quest for adventure grew by leaps and bounds. When at last, we did start to feel at home, we spent time making smores and talked our hearts, not mention that some of us were also strangers for one another. By the time, the day lapsed into night we had cemented that awkward relationship into a budding new friendship – our hearts were lighter, the summer became cooler and our energies were higher. We had the best sleep in years with just the sounds of crickets and the nearby creek as lullabies. To further quench our thirst for adventure we started our day-two with yoga in the company of trees by the creek, followed by a staggering 4.8 miles hike from Neel Gap to Blood mountain- the Appalachian trail.

yoga camp north Georgia

It rained while we hiked, which was soothing, and the majestic view from the top raised our spirits to an unknown level of ecstasy and elation. The trip concluded three days later with quality time spent with friends and most importantly nature. Our zeal for adventure has reached a pinnacle, not to mention our inquisitiveness to know more about nature. I now know that mountains are my calling, for I have left a piece of my heart there.

Every year Andrea from You Yoga Me Yoga  take the interested yogis amidst nature to make them disconnect from the daily routine. Camping once in an year helps in relaxing the mind. It sets the natural alarm clock for the body, helps with mood-swings, and also engaging with nature by turning off the mobile phones/laptops lowers the stress levels and is believed to be equivalent to meditation. I urge each one my reader to camp once in life and I promise you will not be able to stop yourself from camping again. Let loose and for a change, party with nature. Smell the moist earth and take home the fragrance you would love to wear.

~ By Divya Sarin, a yoga enthusiast who can’t sit idle, and wants to create some magic in each person’s life. Follow her on her blog on happiness and life. 

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