Gone are the days of plastic ponchos and ugly gumboots! Companies have taken note and are making some stylish rain boots these days! It’s a great thing really. Two of my new favorite items will make you look fashionable in rain, especially if they’re paired with some affordable and on-trend Gucci Replicas. These all make for great Mother’s Day gifts.

RAINRAP is a lightweight, easy to pack, hands free alternative to a raincoat or umbrella. Designed in bright colors and made of durable waterproof materials, RAINRAP is an innovative fashion accessory. I tried an orange/ pink reversible design, but there are other fun colors to choose from, including plaids and leopard prints. It weighs only 8 ounces and comes with a travel pouch that fits in your handbag, glove compartment or suitcase.

The WINTER RAP is designed with one side to repel the rain, while the soft,
heavier fabric on the inside keeps you warm. All the fabrics are machine washable.

RAINRAPS are available online at www.rainraps.com and in select boutiques around the US.
rainrap-front-pink-orangerain boots

I avoid carrying rain boots when I travel even though sometimes I really need them (for example while volunteering at the farm in Cuba), because they are too heavy and cannot be used for any other purpose. Now there’s an alternative.

Puddletons Packable Rain Boots will lift up your spirits on a gloomy rainy day. They come in several vibrant colors and floral patterns available for only $39.99 a pair. These foldable rain boots are lightweight and functional. Since they fold into a small bag, they don’t take up too much space for travel. Lined with socks that grips the leg, Puddletons will keep your feet 100% waterproof from toe to top. I found them very comfortable and fun to wear even when its not raining!


Get Puddletons rain boots for women and kids at www.puddletons.com