On my Huffington Post article Say Goodbye to Jet Lags With These Easy Tips, I had briefly listed what I pack on the plane with me. Recently I discovered a few new products to add to my carry-on, especially on those transcontinental flights. Never see me without these three essential on board!

Red Eye Hoodie 2.0 by Aviator $98

I am all for dressing comfortably on long flights, and my typical attire is yoga pants, sweatshirt and sneakers. This hoodie from Aviator is my new favorite travel wear. It is comfortable, warm and breathable, made of 97% cotton. The 3-way cuff can be worn standard, fingerless glove, or a full mitten. An oversized hood is good for drawing a shade to sleep. There is also a hidden kangaroo pocket in the belly area for storing headphones or phone. So many benefits in a rather simplistic design. wModal-REDEYE-02_2048x2048

Aviator is a contemporary clothing brand that combines function, comfort, and style for people on the go. Use code “GoEatGive” for 20% off all purchases at

Sleep Phone by eBags $39.99

A family physician developed these innovative high quality headphones to help patients fall asleep naturally without drugs. The massive ear covering headphones are not always comfortable to sleep and ear plugs tend to fall off. This headband with built in speakers feels more relaxing when in bed, work or your seat. Connect it with mp3 players, cell phones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, and laptop computers to create your personal space. I like the fact that they are  machine-washable and would also recommend it for working out. The speakers are not noise canceling though.


Merino Travel Kit by Parachute $99.00

Unless you are flying business or first class, you may or may not get a flimsy blanket to keep yourself warm during the chilly flight. Why not travel in luxury with your own bedding? This luxe kit includes a merino throw, a lined merino eye mask, and a lined merino carrying case that doubles as a airplane pillow cover, giving you a little comfort of home during your journey.


Parachute is an innovative new home accessories and bedding company, designed in L.A. and manufactured in Italy, that is committed to delivering premium quality bedding, linens and home decor, at an accessible price. Sleep well and look fresh when you arrive at your destination!