Whether you prefer packing messenger or sling bags, suitcases, or tote bags, there are lots of different options available on the market when it comes to travel bags. So, how do you find the perfect bag for your travel needs? After doing extensive research, I have put together this list of the best and the […]

7 Must have Travel Bags for the Savvy Woman Traveler

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On my Huffington Post article Say Goodbye to Jet Lags With These Easy Tips, I had briefly listed what I pack on the plane with me. Recently I discovered a few new products to add to my carry-on, especially on those transcontinental flights. Never see me without these three essential on board! Red Eye Hoodie […]

Never Step On Board Without These 3 Travel Essentials

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Gone are the days of plastic ponchos and ugly gumboots! Companies have taken note and are making some stylish rain boots these days! It’s a great thing really. Two of my new favorite items will make you look fashionable in rain, especially if they’re paired with some affordable and on-trend Gucci Replicas. These all make […]

Look trendy in rain or shine

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