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Mediterranean Oasis: The Grand Hotel Miramare

When deciding where to stay in the Italian Riviera, think like a real estate agent, “location, location, location.” Imagine standing on a private balcony enjoying the cool sea breeze of the Gulf of Tigullio and the panoramic views of coastal Italy. Picture waking up and walking out onto a terrace to see Mediterranean style buildings, fisherman preparing their boats, million dollar yachts in the port, and families playing on the beach. Take a breath of fresh air, mingled with the aromas of caramelized Italian cappuccino and homemade marmalade filled croissants. Welcome to The Grand Hotel Miramare!

Santa Margherita, Italy The Grand Hotel Miramare is a historic award winning 4 Star Hotel, in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. Your imagination becomes reality as the Italian word miramare means panoramic view. The white fresco building, dating back to 1904, with aqua marine shutters, can be seen for miles off land. The front façade and its floral décor are not the only features that leave a lasting impression; the engaging staff, elegant accommodations, delicious meals, and a strong historical presence make this hotel the preferred lodging location in the area.

Hotel Miramare: Pesto alla GenoveseTemperate weather of the Mediterranean brings guests to the city of Santa Margherita Ligure, a seaside resort in the Province of Genoa. Located in Northwestern Italy, foreign visitors are drawn by its geographical proximity to popular locations in France and Tuscany. Locals and visitors from afar come to Santa Margherita Ligure, which is easily accessible by car, train, boat, and plane. Clientele of The Grand Hotel Miramare visit the Basilica of Santa Margherita that dates back to 1968, and the neighboring city of Portofino; they attend cultural events, and jazz and classical music festivals. Water lovers jump into sailing, rowing, boating, and diving into the fabulous emerald green waters of the area. Then, if time and energy permit, there is walking, hiking, running, horseback riding, tennis and golf as well. The hotel staff is certain to recommend the Circolo Golf and Tennis Rappallo, one of the finest golf courses in all of Italy.

Hotelier, charming gentleman, and city socialite, Andrea Fustononi, stops by the front desk and greets guests “Buongiorno!” creating an intimate family hotel atmosphere. It is inspiring that this highly successful owner of one of the oldest grand lodging destinations on the Italian Riviera, preserves the intimacy and charm of the family owned hotel by personally greeting his guests.

When the activities of the day draw down, weary tourists and sports enthusiasts return to the care of the resort’s personnel, who greet them by name and immediately propose a relaxation filled evening of pampering and in-house dining sure to give the mind, body, and palate an unique and pleasurable experience.

Hotel Miramare: RestaurantTrust the gentle hands of the professionals at e’SPAce, a richly jewel hued indoor full service spa retreat. e’SPAce also extends massage services to clients in a peaceful outdoor gazebo retreat in the Great Park, amid the lush greenery, oleanders, camellias, lavender and other aromatics. Ready to wind down, but still awestruck by the outside views, then dress appropriately, that would be swimwear, and stroll to the Mediterranean Garden, where the patron, spellbound by the views of flora, fauna, mountains, and the gulf, favor unwinding in a poolside lounger, while sipping a refresher from the pool bar, or taking a dip in the saltwater swimming pool.

Conclude the day with an enchanting dinner at Ristorante Les Bougainvillées. The stark white stucco against the contrast of intricate fresco paintings on the ceiling creates a classical Italian aura. The dining room is a formal setting, but diners may choose to dress at a level of formality that suits their style. Regardless, the service of the wait staff is warm and diligent to all guests. The menu of Les Bougainvillées features the traditional cuisines of Ligure including Trofie pasta, Focaccia Recco and the exceptional Pesto alla Genovese, made with the light buttery tasting olives of the Ligure region.

Patrons retire to the comforts of their private space decorated in hues of pale white, blue and grey. Renovated old world luxury waits in the oversized rooms showcasing delicate refined furniture and minimal fanfare. Unwind after the nightly turn down preparations have been completed and slippers set out.

Hotel Miramare RoomWhat makes The Grand Hotel Miramare so special? It is an exquisite establishment perfectly positioned in a stunning location. Genuine conversation with management and personnel exemplifies unwavering commitment to excellence in the patron’s experience. Get superb recommendations from Andrea Fustononi about anything in the city, whether local attractions or a community staple, like Seghezzo, the 100 year old family owned grocery store. Guests are impressed by the personal attention and consideration given to them, and like countless other annual lodgers, look forward to their next stay at The Grand Hotel Miramare.

~ Words & photos by Kaylah Burks, an athlete, who enjoys traveling the world while staying health conscious. Follow her on Instagram@jadenlie

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23 thoughts on “Mediterranean Oasis: The Grand Hotel Miramare

    1. Mark,

      The pictures do not do the hotel justice! You should definitely add it to your international travel schedule. They have a connected Conference Center that could be used for some of your meetings!

  1. The location and view of the hotel is stunning! For a hotel that dates back to 1904 it looks very well kept and beautiful without losing its old fashion charm. The restaurant also sounds deliciously good!

    1. They have really maintained the hotel nicely and the restaurant is phenomenal. Side note you may enjoy… Marconi, the inventor of the radio had an extended stay at this hotel while working on his invention!

  2. I can so see myself standing on that private balcony and enjoying all the site seeing, especially the way you describe it! Now if I could only drug my husband long enough to get him on a plane!! Lol

    1. LOL. Well, planes may be out for your Husband, but I am sure you could make it… maybe a girls trip?! 🙂

  3. This place is breathtaking! Just like the above comment, I love the picture of the hotel from the water. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

    1. Hey Katie,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the article and the photos! Question. Would you enjoy maybe seeing short video clips of some of the destinations imbedded in the article as well? 🙂

  4. Wow!! It looks like a wonderful place to travel. It is obvious based on your article that the hotel staff appreciates its guest. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This article on the Mediterranean is a great read. The author has done a wonderful job of presenting the best of the Mediterranean. The pictures are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you for the comment Paul. Please continue to visit the site and see what other articles we have on wonderful places, interesting foods, and must try entertainment.

  6. It looks and sounds wonderful! Great potential for a romantic getaway.

    1. Definitely a place to take the significant other for some romance and privacy. Maybe even a honeymoon?! 🙂

  7. I’ve been to Italy a time or two and always enjoy exploring new cities when I plan my vacations. After reading this article (review ) I went and found it on my “travel map” and put a thumbtack in this location with a note of the hotel as a destination spot. Thank you very much for the review, your making my planning a lot easier.

    1. Happy to make your planning easier and also provide you with a beautiful and unique accommodation option.

    1. Hey Lynn,

      The area was already on your bucket list, and now you have a hotel to consider as well. The location is simply magical and and the hotel is heavenly.

  8. Excellent review! I love the pictures. I guess I need to make plans now for my 25th anniversary at the Seaside Resort in the Province of Genoa !

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming 25th anniversary! A stay at The Grand Hotel Miramare would definitely make your special occasion unforgettable, luxurious, and exotic.

  9. Kaylah…………I am ready to be your traveling companion any time!! Great review and beautiful pictures!!

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